Major League Fishing Summit Cup championship on NBC

Major League Fishing Summit Cup championship on NBC Saturday, Feb. 9, features 24 top anglers competing on Chautauqua Lake in western New York.

Major League Fishing Summit Cup on NBC

When NBC announced it was adding a fishing tournament to its schedule, we figured it was just something to fill airtime while the NHL was locked out. The NHL lockout is over, but NBC is still going to kick some bass! The championship round of the Major League Fishing General Tire Summit Cup pro bass fishing tournament from Chautauqua Lake in western New York gets national TV airtime Saturday, Feb. 9, at 1pm ET on NBC. Top anglers Denny Brauer, Tommy Biffle, Gary Klein, Greg Hackney, Terry Scroggins, Kelly Jordon, Ish Monroe and Bobby Lane were among the 24 competitors in this made-for-TV tournament held in August. The anglers were not allowed to practice and knew the Chautauqua Lake destination only two days prior to the start. The tournament’s format lets competitors weigh all of the “Score-able Bass” (a size and weight minimum determined 24 hours before the event) that they catch and immediately release them back into the water. Boats have real-time leader boards letting anglers see where they rank in the competition.

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