Woman addicted to eating cat hair, licking cat “My Strange Addiction” returns

I thought I saw it all last season with the urine drinker episode of My Strange Addiction, but TLC has sucked me again — this time into the bizarre world of a woman addicted to eating cat hair and licking her cat. My Strange Addiction returns for a fourth season on TLC Wednesday, February 13 at 10pm ET/PT, where we meet Lisa, a 43-year-old woman from Detroit, Michigan, who enjoys eating cat hair and licking her cat as a way to bond with her pet.

“Just chewing it is relaxing. It’s a comforting feeling,” she tells. “Her fur is such an interesting texture. It’s so soft and fluffy, like cotton candy almost.”  OK, I just literally gagged watching her twirl the cat hair in her fingers and then delicately place it in her mouth. She chews it up for a bit, takes it out of her mouth, plays with it, and then puts it back in to finish it up.

Apparently, Lisa’s interest in eating cat hair began 15 years ago, however, it didn’t turn into a full-out addiction until about two years ago when she got a kitten. Now she can’t go longer than two hours without getting a fix. While she’s fine with satisfying her cravings with cat hair found behind the couch or on the carpet, she claims the best is taking it right off the cat. Sounds fresh, doesn’t it?

But being addicted to eating cat hair isn’t Lisa’s only challenge, she also licks her cat. “I groom my cat with my tongue, like a momma cat would do to her kitten,” Lisa explains. She’ll lick her cat’s shoulders, ears and the back of its head, but she’s not trying to be a real momma cat and draws the line on licking the buttocks area. [Did you hear that big sigh of relief?]

Lisa sums up her addiction as a “bonding thing” that they both seem to enjoy.

Also featured in the premiere episode are Mike and Trina, a couple addicted to coffee enemas. Despite warnings from gastroenterologists, Mike and Trina rely heavily on this daily fix of caffeine, spending hours in the bathroom to achieve the clean sensation and energy they constantly crave.