Super Bowl a ratings touchdown for CBS; MVP Joe Flacco to guest on Letterman

Updated Feb. 5, 2013, 2:02pm CT

Considering a 33-minute delay due to a power outage, and a lopsided 28-6 score early in the second half, there was a time last night when things might have looked a little dicey for the folks at CBS during its coverage of Super Bowl XLVII in terms of viewers continuing to tune in. But with the lights back on, and the San Francisco 49ers storming back to make the game one of the all-time thrillers — with the Baltimore Ravens eking out a 34-31 victory at the last moment — the ratings have proven to be a touchdown for the network.

CBS Sports announced today that Super Bowl XLVII was the second-highest-rated Super Bowl in 27 years, garnering a fast national household rating/share of 46.3/69. The network says the rating/share peaked at 50.7/73 from 10:30-10:47pm ET, with an average of 113.92 million viewers during this time.

The Nielsen estimated average provided by CBS indicates that Super Bowl XLVII was seen by an average of 108.41 million viewers, making it the third-most-watched program in television history, after Super Bowl XLVI (111.3 million), and Super Bowl XLV (111.0 million).

Update 2/5/13: CBS reports that their Super Bowl coverage was watched in all-or-part by a record 164.1 million viewers, the highest number of viewers to ever watch all-or-part of the Super Bowl.

CBS has also announced that Super Bowl XLVII MVP Joe Flacco, quarterback of the Ravens (pictured), will be a guest on Late Show With David Letterman tonight, Feb. 4, at 11:35pm ET. In leading his team to victory, Flacco completed 22 of 32 passes for 287 yards and three touchdowns, with no interceptions. This marks the ninth straight year that a Super Bowl-winning quarterback has appeared with Letterman after winning the championship.

Super Bowl XLVII Top 10 Rated in the Metered Markets
1. Baltimore 59.6/83
2. New Orleans 57.1/77
3. Washington, DC 56.9/80
4. Norfolk 55.8/76
5. Dayton 54.6/72
6. Columbus, OH 54.3/73
7. Indianapolis 54.2/76
8. Richmond-Petersburg 53.7/74
9. Milwaukee 53.4/73
10. Jacksonville 53.3/70


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