First ten “Buckwild” episodes air in MTV’s five-hour “BuckBowl” on Super Sunday

Of course, most people know that Feb. 3 is the date of Super Bowl XLVII. But that is also a day when other networks counter-program against the big game, hoping to draw in people who are perhaps uninterested in football, or maybe want to flip away if the game is a blowout. Networks certainly don’t waste this time on trotting out new programming, knowing the historically huge ratings the Super Bowl generally brings in — that would be viewership suicide for such a show (a rare exception might be Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl, now entering its ninth year, but even that premieres before kickoff, and airs in repeats during the game itself). But Super Bowl Sunday is a good day for other networks to air marathons of movies, or episodes of hit series. And no series has been more popular of late than Buckwild on MTV. Accordingly, the network will be airing a five-hour marathon of past Buckwild episodes in a stunt it is calling “BuckBowl.”


BuckBowl starts at 1pm ET on Feb. 3, and features everything from Shain’s first clubbing experience in the big city to Shae’s tumultuous boyfriend drama. You can relive the adventures of these West Virginia friends who have become the network’s new version of the “Jersey Shore” crew, or get to know them for the first time (if you dare).

The BuckBowl marathon of Buckwild episodes includes the first 10 episodes of the season. Additionally, throughout BuckBowl, viewers will get a glimpse at sneak peek footage from the upcoming final episodes (the final two Buckwild episodes of the season air this Thursday, Feb. 7, at 10pm ET).

“BuckBowl,” the five-hour marathon of Buckwild episodes, starts at 1pm ET Feb. 3 on MTV.



Photo courtesy of MTV