Something Borrowed, Something New premieres Feb. 8 on TLC

It’s loved one’s pride versus fashion-conscious bride in TLC’s new BrideDay Friday series, Something Borrowed, Something New, which premieres Feb. 8 at 10/9C.

The show taps into a quagmire familiar to generations of newly-betrothed ladies: They’re dreaming of dress shopping when mom/sister/bestie sidles up with dewy eyes and offers her own (often outdated) gown for the occasion.

Looking for a happily-ever-after for everyone involved, Something Borrowed, Something New taps Georgia-born, LA-based designer Kelly Nishimoto to revamp the borrowed gown into something new — without making the anxious bride feel blue.

As Kelly works, stylist to the stars Sam Saboura — who has clothed Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt — fulfills the brides’ dress-shopping dreams, taking them to scout brand-new gowns that fit their body, budget and wedding style.

Then it’s an emotional, side-by-side gown showdown as the bride must choose between the nostalgic offering — and the tender feelings of the person who offered it — and the pristine new gown selected just for her.

Watching the original dress owners as Kelly takes a scissors to perhaps the most meaningful item of clothing they’ve ever owned is heartrending — especially when there’s a chance the revamp won’t be chosen after all. But anyone who’s ever donned a treasured wedding frock of their own can sympathize when one bride slays it on the line, “I want to feel like it’s my dress.”

Regardless of which dress ultimately makes it down the aisle, Something Borrowed, Something Blue is an awesome education for all future brides in how to determine what styles and fabrics looks best on their bodies — and how to save money, to boot.

With family bonds and traditions as embellishment, this something new on TLC is pretty easy to love.

Something Borrowed, Something New premieres Friday, February 8 at 10|9CT on TLC.

Image/video: TLC

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