Project Runway Season 11 contestants start the show tonight

Project Runway Season 11 debuts tonight and the twists are coming early. First off, no Michael Kors. Sad trombone. Secondly, the contestants are competing in teams for the whole season.

I’m interested in seeing how Project Runway pulls this off. As I’ve said before, if they are trying to make this a realistic challenge, then the teams should change weekly like they do in the real world.

I’m also willing to give new judge Zac Posen a chance. Some of the clips show some snarky promise in Mr. Posen. I’m hopeful that these are just highlights and once I tune in he’ll give Michael Kors a run for his orange money.

But this isn’t the real world! This is Project Runway! This is Heidi Klum’s ‘real’ world and the designers should feel honored to be chosen to inhabit it, if only for about a month. So let’s meet the Season 11 contestants & guess who will be ‘auf’d’ first.

Amanda Valentine, 31 – Hometown: Nashville, TN; Resides in Lincoln, NE

Benjamin Mach, 35 – Hometown: Sydney, Australia; Resides in London, England

Cindy Marlatt, 59 – Hometown: Kent, WA; Resides in Kent, WA

Daniel Esquivel, 48 – Hometown: Dallas, TX; Resides in Austin, TX

Emily Pollard, 24 – Hometown: Richfield, OH; Resides in Falls Church, VA

James Martinez, 29 – Hometown: Dallas, TX; Resides in Fort Worth, TX

Joseph Aaron Segal, 30 – Hometown: Framingham, MA; Resides in Providence, RI

Kate Pankoke, 23 – Hometown: Eau Claire, WI & Parkland, FL; Resides in Chicago, IL

Layana Aguilar, 28 – Hometown: Valadares, Brazil; Resides in New York, NY

Matthew Arthur, 30 – Hometown: Hammond, LA; Resides in New Orleans, LA

Michelle Lesniak Franklin, 34 – Hometown: Portland, OR; Resides in Portland, OR

Patricia Michaels, 46 – Hometown: Taos, NM; Resides in Taos, NM

Richard Hallmarq, 39 – Hometown: Sacramento, CA; Resides in Sacramento, CA

Samantha Black, 28 – Hometown: Bronx, NY; Resides in Fairfield, CT

Stanley Hudson, 45 – Hometown: Lynwood, CA; Resides in West Hollywood, CA

Tu Suthiwat Nakchat, 26 – Hometown: Chacheangsao, Thailand; Resides in Springfield, VA

Who are you interested in seeing more of on Project Runway Season 11? Who do you think will be the first to go? Sound off below!