Big Rich Atlanta on Style, meet Boss Bitch Ashlee Wilson Hawn

Big Rich Atlanta on Style introduces viewers to the Boss Bitch Ashlee Wilson Hawn, a sure-to-be standout in the second installment of the Big Rich franchise. Big Rich Atlanta on Style debuts Wednesday, Jan. 23 at 8pm ET/PT. The series showcases the outrageous wealth and egos of mothers and daughters living in the Atlanta area who supposedly are all connected by an exclusive Atlanta country club.

Big Rich Atlanta cast on Style features Marcia Marchman, Meagan McBryer, Katie Davidson, Dianna Davidson, Bri, Sharlinda Rowe-Parker, Kahdijiha, Ashlee Wilson Hawn, Meyer Eadon, Harvin Eadon, Virginia Kolb, Anadi McKenzie, Sabrina McKenziePictured above (l-r) Marcia, Meagan, Katie, Dianna, Bri, Sharlinda, Kahdijiha, Ashlee, Meyer, Harvin, Virginia, Anandi, Sabrina  (Photo Credit: John Russo/Style)

The series has amassed a large cast of Atlanta’s wealthiest mothers and daughters (less the Real Housewives’ clan) who aren’t all that familiar with each other or the social pecking order and social circles these women believe they empower. Amid the group you will find the most Southern class and gentle charm from Katie Davidson and daughter Diana Davidson. Katie is a fourth generation Atlantan and stay-at-home mom who most likely won’t command a lot of screen time due to her more conservative lifestyle and polite demeanor (kudos for being classy, though!).

Big Rich Atlanta star KahdijihaIntelligent and well spoken are Sharlinda Rowe-Parker, co-owner of Tu La 2 nail salon and wife to recording artist Q Parker of the R&B quartet 112, and daughter Kahdijiha (26, pictured left), a marketing executive. While Kahdijiha is far from being innocent on the drama scale, she probably best summed up the cast when she explained, “Just because you have money doesn’t mean you have class.” Although a hair-pulling fight at her nemesis’ (Ashlee Wilson Hawn’s) birthday party contradicts this. Sharlinda’s twin sister Sabrina “Brié” Rowe is also featured in the series.

It takes all of 10 minutes into Episode 1 to realize that the ringleader of the drama in Big Rich Atlanta will be Ashlee Wilson Hawn a.k.a. “Boss Bitch,” a former Miss Georgia Teen and apparently one of Atlanta’s most sought-after pageant coaches (reminds me a bit of Anna Nicole Smith, only skinnier). You can expect the majority of entertainment to revolve around Ashlee’s unfiltered mouth and narcissistic personality.

Big Rich Atlanta on Style features Ashlee Wilson HawnSelf-described as a philanthropist, life coach, pageant coach and beauty queen, Ashlee (pictured left) tells, “I just call myself queen of Atlanta.” And she ain’t kidding. Despite rumors that she quit the show after the fight with Kahdijiha, a publicist for the show confirmed that Ashlee did NOT quit, however, will not be featured in three of the episodes in the middle of the season.

There’s no real surprise that Ashlee immediately rubs a few of the ladies wrong, including Kahdijiha. “She and I will never roll together,” Ashlee says of Kahdijiha. “She’s not in my league. She’s not in my social status.”

Ashlee stands on mixed ground when it comes to the blond-bombshell Eadon sisters. Big Rich Atlanta on Style stars Harvin EadonHarvin Eadon (30) and Meyer Eadon (27) are extreme eccentrics. Their outfits and hairdos scream attention, as do their personalities. Meyer says Ashlee “drives me bat-shit crazy,” while Harvin (pictured right) thinks Ashlee is “spunk, spirit … a highlighter marker.” Huh!?! These goofs are the daughters of Virginia Kolb, who is recently single and starting a new life in Atlanta. Virginia currently lives with her daughters while she keeps an eye on her investment in the girls’ fashion and jewelry business. Virginia holds an MBA and has no interest in losing her fortune to her daughters’ naiveties in the business world. Apparently, Harvin holds some “dark secrets of her past” where she’s channeled her emotions into a clothing and jewelry line called She Blames Me that is inspired by women the sisters hate. Harvin shares that their “ladder necklace” symbolizes there’s always a way up from rock bottom. I’m sure there’s more to learn on that storyline.

Big Rich Atlanta on Style stars Meagan McBryerAlso part of the cast are Marcia Marchman, a well-known interior designer in Atlanta, and her daughter Meagan McBrayer (28, pictured left). Marcia was married four times, although she married one of her husbands twice. Meagan and Ashlee have some friction between them over a guy named Zach. The nasally voiced Meagan claims Ashlee convinced her to break up with him so they could be best buddies. She broke up with him; Ashlee’s now dating him and is promising to help Meagan navigate the Atlanta social circle. But first, Ashlee says she needs to teach Meagan “how to keep her panties on.” Ouch!

Lastly, there’s the beautiful Sabrina McKenzie and daughter Anandi McKenzie (19), a self-professed nerd and college student. Sabrina is known as the Dancing Preacher, where she combined her love of dancing (she’s a professional dancer who toured with Bobby Brown and TLC) and religion to start an international dance ministry.

Prepare yourself for a wild ride with the women of Big Rich Atlanta on Style Wednesdays at 8pm ET/PT.