Project Runway wraps up All Stars and gets ready for the Teams season 11

Tonight wraps up the second season of Project Runway All Stars. Three designers are left: Uli Herzner, Anthony Ryan Auld and Emilio Sosa. As always, the judges’ feedback has been pretty even among the three so it’s hard to say who has the advantage. If you look at challenges won, however, Anthony Ryan is the clear favorite to win with 5 challenges under his belt. Emilio & Uli each only have 2 wins in comparison.

But wins, shmins. It’s all up in the air tonight during the Project Runway All Stars finale.

And just to keep Project Runway fresh in everyone’s mind, they waste no time in starting season 11 NEXT Thursday, January 24. This season they’re apparently competing in teams for the whole season. This could be good, or it could get old real fast.

I’ll admit, I do enjoy the occasional team challenge for the mental breakdowns & general bitchiness. I don’t know how the structure will play out for an entire season. My question is – will they have to be in the SAME teams for the entire time? Will the teams get switched up? I understand that in any job, you’re going to be working in teams so it’s good practice. However, in most jobs you’re not working in the SAME teams for your entire career. People leave; projects get shuffled. So it’s not like a realistic representation of real-world working as a team.

What are you most looking forward to in season 11 of Project Runway? Who’s going to win tonight on Project Runway All Stars? Sound off below!

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  1. I’m disappointed to hear both that Michael Kors is out and that all “teams” is in. I fear it will be like when HGTV tried to completely change Next Design Star and just ruined it. They went back to the old formula pretty quickly. Please stay with the “Project” formula that worked. Fans enjoy seeing the magic designers can create out of almost anything. I care much less about bickering and drama. I’d like more art and less Kardashian-style trashiness.

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