Beth Chapman on Baby Lyssa and Duane Lee’s absence from CMT’s Dog and Beth On The Hunt: “You can’t force your kids to stay with you forever”

When I sat down with Leland, Dog and Beth Chapman to talk about their upcoming new CMT reality series Dog and Beth: On The Hunt and told them that my own family loved watching theirs on A&E’s smash Dog the Bounty Hunter, Beth wanted to know what I liked best about the show. I told her it was her family’s bond.

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Much to my surprise — and with Dog and Leland looking on — she offered candid insight into what the Twittersphere has been discussing since plans for the show were announced in the summer: the absence of Baby Lyssa and Duane Lee Chapman from the cast of the show.

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Slated to being in April, Dog and Beth: On The Hunt will focus on the three remaining Chapmans as they crisscross the nation, teaching struggling bail bond agencies how to succeed in the embattled trade by helping them hunt down some of America’s most dangerous criminals. While the show will highlight the Chapmans’ proven methods for capturing criminals and Leland’s expertise in non-lethal weaponry, Dog and Beth: On The Hunt will also address the family’s changing dynamic.

“The focal point of the show is our relationship — and our relationship with Leland,” Beth explained. “Because Leland wants to stay with his dad. Duane says this really profound thing where he says, ‘I don’t love you more, son. But you probably love me more than any of the other kids.’ Because as a parent, you don’t love any of your children differently. But they love you. And their love for you may be stronger than what your sister’s love is. And that’s what Leland is, right? His love for his dad is stronger than the others. And so he doesn’t want to be the one to leave or go away. He wants to be the one staying right here and doing what he does. And so we were really happy about that.”

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Though she did not elaborate on whether Duane Lee and Lyssa officially elected to not be part of the new show, Beth suggested that family priorities and individual interests may have factored in. “You know, people grow,” she continued, as Dog leaned into her affectionately, fiddling with the gold zippers on the shoulders of her dress and making Leland grin and shake his head. “Children grow up — and how long can you work for your mom and dad? You become 40 years old and you’re not married and you’re like, ‘Why am I still hanging around my dad?’ You know what I mean? At some point, you feel like there’s got to be changes made. And we as parents have to be OK with letting our bird fly. Hopefully it’ll come back and it will know that this was always the best thing for it. But if they don’t, you loved it and you coddled it and you wished it well. You can’t force your kids to stay with you forever.”

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Does that mean Lyssa and Duane Lee might join the show at a later date? The Chapmans didn’t say. But in the meantime, you can rest assured that Beth and Dog can relate to the pain and frustration fans felt as the Chapman children entered and exited Dog The Bounty Hunter throughout its eight seasons.

“We were lucky because our kids didn’t go away to college — our kids went to the college of hard knocks with us,” she says. “And so when there was some turmoil in the family, it was like our kids went to college all at the exact same time. We had that separation anxiety from them. But it really wasn’t that. It was just that they were spreading their wings and getting older. And they had their own families.

“Each person has to make their own decisions for their own lives.”

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  1. Time Fly’s, Sun’s Rise, Shadow’s Fall,. Let Time Go By, Love Is Forever, Over All. . . Here’s Love To All Of You CHAPMAN’S, CHELLE

  2. Life is what we make it, however remember each brick of life takes a steady hand, and God watching as we lay that brick! Good Luck to all of you Chapman’s! Love, Chelle

  3. I watch the show every day, and I wait and wait to see when in the world Dog is going to put Beth in her place. She is controlling, and screams for no reason at the people they pick up then turns all sugary nice to them.

    I also wonder when Beth will make use of a full length mirror. Her wardrobe is ridiculous for a woman who weighs as much as she does. It’s strange that she doesn’t realize how ridiculous she looks in her clothes. You’d think someone would tell her.

    I don’t have much respect for Dog either. Between him and Beth the language is really bad.

    I like Duane Lee, Leland and Lyssa, and I wonder how they put up with all the drama, controlling and foul language.

  4. I see Dog getting the bad guys and clearing up the streets and that’s great. I am a big time fan, only because I love Hawaii so much. There is one thing that just makes me fuckin freak. Does Dog and some crew , like Tim, Chris, Mary Ellen, etc, have to cover this paradise with their god dam cigarette buts, my god Dog think. No ice in paradise, how about no smokes, killing other folks!!

  5. I too love watching the Chapman family at work. I’ve watched more of the first shows where Duane Lee and baby lyssa were in the mix. I found that they’re reasons for helping there bounties were inspirational. I too am a recovering addict and my educational and career goal is to work with individuals who struggle with addictions. I would love for a reunion to be in the future with Duane Lee, baby Lyssa and Tim to join the hunt. where’s Tim at these days? But anyhow back to dog the bounty hunter

  6. I love love love Duane Lee. He’s a year younger than me. I’m 43 and from pa. I’ve always admired him on the show. He seems like a down to earth guy. I wish I could meet him somehow. I think we could see if we have anything in common and see where things could go from there. Look me up Duane Lee!

  7. I’m not easily offended. I enjoy Dog and Beth and their family values. I’m a recovering addict, a work in progress. Mercy Me Flawless is my honest feelings about the Chapman Family. Where mercy is shown, mercy is given.

  8. my two cents? I totally enjoy every episode of both the old and the new shows! As for how any of them dress or talk, etc., I am a Christian. Being Christian means I am forgiven and that I have been shown His grace. It is the humans that judge the outward appearances, the language, blah blah blah., NOT GOD!! God sees our hearts, hears our sighs and feels our pain. If any of us judge another’s Christianity shame on us!!!

  9. Beth is a fat cow, and dog is a bowl of poop juice, this show was scripted none of this garbage is real. they are white trash .

    • That was very inappropriate and down right wrong, you have no idea who they are and you judge may karma kick your ass Wayne smalley but as for me I LOVE BETH DOG LELAND DUANE LYSSA AND TIM AND let’s not forget Bobby lol have a nice day

  10. I lived in Hawaii for many years, so the show really resonates with me. It’s been on since about 2006, so I understand it has sort of run its course. However, I don’t agree with the attitude I see from Beth and the sugar coating of the family problems: Working with family in a business cannot always be easy, and yes, people do grow and need to move on. But, she and Dog are no angels, they have lots of family drama, blended family, and they only married recently. Drugs seem to be a constant issue with “baby” Lyssa and even with Dog until not that many years ago, too. However, Duane Lee and Leland don’t need to be shamed or made to feel they “love their Dad more” because one of them decided to stay with the business and the other went his own way: I think saying things like that are wrong and judgmental, and they have no place in a statement Beth should be making. Leland may just decide he wants to stay with the biz, has bills to pay, kids to feed, needs to make money. I do recall his girlfriend was preggers a few years ago on the show, so he has priorities that may be more pressing than Leland, who does not appear to have fathered any kids yet–what a shock for this family, if that’s true! I think people who have other priorities don’t love you less or more, they are just people like all of us who need to find their own path and don’t need to be judged for it according to the lens of Beth. She needs to stay out of it. Saying things like that can hurt others a good deal, so she needs to be letting Dog talk about his boys, who are grown men, by the way. I like Beth, but it’s not her place to try to discuss Leland or Duane Lee’s lives.

    • I think you should do some research on the family before commenting on who has children and how many and who doesn’t. I also think from what I’m reading you don’t care for Beth at all.e I have been watching this family since day one and Beth loves all the children and if Dog wanted to talk he would and when was the last time Dog done drugs I missed that show. I love the “Whole Family Good and Bad”. I love the Hunt and can’t wait for the next week to watch and see what happens. I think there like any family with real live troubles kids acting out being disrespecting to there parents not wanting to work in the family business not wanting to be told anything.

    • dog the bounty hunter show fan you are nuts. you claim you are from Hawaii and know about the Chapmans but everything you just stated in your comments are nuts. If you really watch the show you would know that Leland has a son named Dakota that is approx.20 years old, not sure of his age but he is a liscensed bondsman and works with his dad in the business. but I have read recently that Dakota has quit the business without notice and ran off with his girlfriend,which I would say to him was a big mistake. but he is a typical hormonal kid of today, and is gonna make mistakes. Leland also had a baby daughter a few years back. this family is no different than the average family today with all there trials and mistakes, but I respect this family because no matter what the trials and downfalls they continue to pull up there pants and continue on this roller coaster.

  11. I think that Duane Lee left because Beth was very hostile to him. And she swayed Dog to agree with her.
    Duane Lee only got to guard the back door or stay in car until Beth calls to bring the car around. She doesn’t mind that she humiliated him. Baby Lyssa is the lucky one. She and Alison have their own business. Beth had to approve her wardrobe before she went on a hunt. I am disappointed in Dog because when she says jump he says How High? But now Cecily has room to join the group. How convenient. I love Leland. He knows what he is doing but Beth still tells him anyway. That is the price you have to pay to work with your Dad. If they are Christian they wouldn’t use the filthy language
    And Beth wouldn’t be made fun of for wearing mini skirts and short, short shorts. You need to dress decently and be kind to your stepchildren AND Baby Lyssa and Duane Lee. And let Dog button his shirt.

  12. I am surprised that either one of them, Dog or Beth, can make it through the door anymore. Their head has swoolen so much. I use to like the show, somewhat, but now I can’t stand their holier then thou attitude, and their pumped up attitude. Having worked in the Criminal Justice system myself, I know that attitudes like that get you nowhere. Time to take their crap off the TV.

  13. I love the show and the family. All families have their own problems. The one thing I don’t like is the language. I know you are a family that believes in God. I guess that’s why it bothers me so much. I am a fan. Xoxoxo. Kim fry

    • Dog did an interview about his use of language. He said he has to scream these curse words because 90 perfect of the people they hunt are convicts that have re-offended and if he said, “Please get on the ground. You’re going to jail.”, those people would laugh and kick his butt. Beth is the way she is with those families because she’s a Mama Bear and is going to keep Dog and the family safe until the fugitive is captured. I love this family immensely.

  14. I love what she said at the end. Each person has to make their own decisions for their own lives. So true! I just wish certain people in my life would understand that

  15. I love to watch the show, that’s shows that how bounty hunters take chances with criminals that will hurt them or themselves. But I really love Beth, she takes no bs off nobody. Keep up the good work. I love to see Daune Lee and Lyssa on once again when they decide 2. Love Dakota gets his butt stomped on by Leland in a good way

  16. I really love your show. I was sorr iw y to hear about Dwayne Lee and lyssa aren’t on the show. I have a family of my own but I would have done anything to have my dad back . I would have stayed with him no matter what he did.

  17. I love the show and the family. Was so happy when the new show came on, missed them when they were off air. Im sorry Duane Lee and Lyssa aren’t on the new show but it seemed to me Duane Lee was pulling away before the new show and Baby Lyssa needs to concentrate on herself. Leland and his son are doing great. Dog and Beth are the best! God Bless you all! Keep up the good work.

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