Beth Chapman on Baby Lyssa and Duane Lee’s absence from CMT’s Dog and Beth On The Hunt: “You can’t force your kids to stay with you forever”

When I sat down with Leland, Dog and Beth Chapman to talk about their upcoming new CMT reality series Dog and Beth: On The Hunt and told them that my own family loved watching theirs on A&E’s smash Dog the Bounty Hunter, Beth wanted to know what I liked best about the show. I told her it was her family’s bond.

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Much to my surprise — and with Dog and Leland looking on — she offered candid insight into what the Twittersphere has been discussing since plans for the show were announced in the summer: the absence of Baby Lyssa and Duane Lee Chapman from the cast of the show.

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Slated to being in April, Dog and Beth: On The Hunt will focus on the three remaining Chapmans as they crisscross the nation, teaching struggling bail bond agencies how to succeed in the embattled trade by helping them hunt down some of America’s most dangerous criminals. While the show will highlight the Chapmans’ proven methods for capturing criminals and Leland’s expertise in non-lethal weaponry, Dog and Beth: On The Hunt will also address the family’s changing dynamic.

“The focal point of the show is our relationship — and our relationship with Leland,” Beth explained. “Because Leland wants to stay with his dad. Duane says this really profound thing where he says, ‘I don’t love you more, son. But you probably love me more than any of the other kids.’ Because as a parent, you don’t love any of your children differently. But they love you. And their love for you may be stronger than what your sister’s love is. And that’s what Leland is, right? His love for his dad is stronger than the others. And so he doesn’t want to be the one to leave or go away. He wants to be the one staying right here and doing what he does. And so we were really happy about that.”

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Though she did not elaborate on whether Duane Lee and Lyssa officially elected to not be part of the new show, Beth suggested that family priorities and individual interests may have factored in. “You know, people grow,” she continued, as Dog leaned into her affectionately, fiddling with the gold zippers on the shoulders of her dress and making Leland grin and shake his head. “Children grow up — and how long can you work for your mom and dad? You become 40 years old and you’re not married and you’re like, ‘Why am I still hanging around my dad?’ You know what I mean? At some point, you feel like there’s got to be changes made. And we as parents have to be OK with letting our bird fly. Hopefully it’ll come back and it will know that this was always the best thing for it. But if they don’t, you loved it and you coddled it and you wished it well. You can’t force your kids to stay with you forever.”

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Does that mean Lyssa and Duane Lee might join the show at a later date? The Chapmans didn’t say. But in the meantime, you can rest assured that Beth and Dog can relate to the pain and frustration fans felt as the Chapman children entered and exited Dog The Bounty Hunter throughout its eight seasons.

“We were lucky because our kids didn’t go away to college — our kids went to the college of hard knocks with us,” she says. “And so when there was some turmoil in the family, it was like our kids went to college all at the exact same time. We had that separation anxiety from them. But it really wasn’t that. It was just that they were spreading their wings and getting older. And they had their own families.

“Each person has to make their own decisions for their own lives.”

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  1. I watch all the bounty hunter re-runs and enjoy them no matter how many time i see them. I also watch dog & Beth on the hunt The guy that says dog needs a bath probably needs one himself. And to talk about Beth Should she hide in a closet because she was blessed. No one is making you watch them Change the Channel and keep Your
    Comments. To yourself

  2. As long as the kids are happy and SAFE with what they are doing with their lives…that’s all that matters. I do worry about Baby Lyssa though…I really hope that she leaves the alcohol alone forever

  3. I like your show lot, I like the fact that you tell sbout your own issues that each of you and your family have gone through, I’m re a really concerned about the way Duane lee was treated, you say Dog you donot have a favorite, but you always call on Leland not Duane, you act like you don’t like Duane, the only time I saw you show him any affection, I believe it was birthday or something, you said he was your first born never direct nothing to Duane, you treat him like an outsider.He needs to come back .

  4. I have been watching ya”ll show for years I wake up and put my channel on my channel a & e I have my coffee it comes on at 7:30 am and goes off usually at 10:00 am thanks for allowing us see how well u guys work well together u guys give me such entertment I wake up for ur show I’m retired I once heard supposedly that Duane Chapman was a rascism but after hearing what he had to say about that situation I had nothing but more respect for him thanks to the Chapman family for keeping it a 100 keep up the good work all of u I will miss Lisa & Leland as well but they have their lives. Tell them they will be very much miss just maybe they may decide to do a episode here & their that will be well appreciated thanks for theyrs and yrs to ccone I love ur whole family stay safe “Dog The Bounty Family”God Bless stay safe.

    • I made a couple of errors but I was trying to say thanks for the yrs u guys have given and the yrs coming I do watch the new one to on CMT Dog & Beth it comes on at night here in Dallas at 8:00 pm love u guys.

  5. First off I am in love with Duane.and I love the show I keep reading that there coming out with a new show but Mr hottty and Lisa won’t be on it makes me sad but when and what channel love you Duane. And baby lisa

  6. I like the new shoe I miss baby Lisa and Duane Lee ,but I like cicale and Leland son they are great newbies I messed y’all watch all the time

  7. These people are total losers. They make a living off the misery of others and glorify in acting tough when they really aren’t. Total white trash. Just look at them, with big fat momma with her fat lady boobs hanging out all over the place, and old fart Dog needing a shower and a haircut real badly. C’mon folks, get a life, please I am begging you all, get a LIFE.

    • Larry
      bond companies make their living on “misery of others”. so you mean that anyone who jumps bond should just be left alone? if not for bond companies most people would stay in jail till their court date. maybe that is what you mean, if you can not pay the bond yourself, stay in jail. is that it? what kind of “life” do you have??

    • You are just a hater. Does it make you feel better about yourself to put other people down.?When you become perfect then maybe you can say something. I only wish their were more people like Dog and Beth, to make a positive difference in some people’s lives.

    • You have to watch to know all that one great thing about tv is changing the channel…. sounds to me like you need a life.

    • Then dont watch the show, but also dont dog them out to the people that do like them….

    • You need a life. If you dont like the show, why are you on the websites about them and posting comments? Does it make you feel better to talk crap about others? If these people would take care of their legal problems and go to court, then they wouldn’t need bounty hunters. So.. its ok that the Chapmans bailed them out just to get screwed when they dont go to court? You’re an idiot. You’re probably sitting there needing a shower yourself, wishing you had someone as faithful as Beth is to Dog. Stay off the websites you hater.

  8. I have been a fan of the show from the beginning. I really hope to see the other kids during this season but if not i feel u guys well be great without them i have faith in you’s…. i hope some day i can meet at least just one of you’s it mean the world to me meet the whole family one day before i die…

  9. I. Love. Dog the Bounty. Hunter. I. Watch. The. Old. Shows. Every. Morning. I. Never. Miss. It.

  10. I have watched ever since your first show. Actually watch the all. Day re runs of both shows. Love them. Really miss. Lisa and Duane lee. It would be great to see them occasionally Leland and his son are great. Keep it going.

  11. I would like to meet the whole family one of these days. I have been a fan of the show for a couple of years and find it fun and entertaining. I like watching the whole family, but their children have to grow up and do what they want to do. Keep up the good work.

  12. …Chapmans… Crime & poverty hold each other’s hands – the human weaknesses find so many ways to be corrupted…Onward>…

  13. I set my time to always watch Dog The Bounty Hunter. I was happy to hear that
    Baby Lyssa survived the car crash she was
    in. I am sorry to hear that Duane Lee
    and Lyssa won’t be on the new show, but
    its time thay get on with their own lives.
    I wish Beth, Leeland and the Dog all the
    best. I wish so much to meet them one
    day. I would even treat them to a cup
    of coffee or lunch. God Bless all The

  14. I love the Chapman family and the respect they give to the criminals. I myself am married to a felon and he like Dog has changed his life for the better. Sometimes people look at his jail house tattoos or a job aapplication and its like theres no chance but Dog and Beth make it clear for the world to know you can change and make a difference in society! Keep doing yalls thing and on my bucket list is to meet Dog and the family if anything Beth. My mom gave up on me and so the fact that she takes all her step children in as her own lets me know someday my Daddy could find another woman to love that will love me just as much. God Bless yall!!

  15. I just love the show but love the older shows so much better. I miss baby lyssa and Duane being on the show feels like there is a missing piece to the puzzle. You all have a great bunch of kids and love the shows. Good luck !!!!

  16. I tape their show and watch it every day. I love the show. They have great values and I learn a lot from them. Hope they have more series coming up.

  17. I to wake up at 4 am or 5 am in OR. to watch re-runs of Dog the Bounty Hunter. I grew up on the Big Island,(Hilo & Kona) & married my first husband in Honolulu. I LOVE & pray for this family all the time. Beth reminds me of myself in many ways, I love her fashion, we LOVE the same SHOES!!! I’m blonde,(have worked with law enforcement on & off since the early 80’s) LOVE IT…HATE DOPE with a passion & what it does to lives. So I do ALL I CAN, fighting it. I SO hope to see ANY of the family on T.V. again in any type of show they want to do! God Bless them all & keep them safe the rest of their days. “GET UM”! BE SAFE.

  18. I’ve been a fan of Dog The Bounty Hunter since the very first show and now I’m setting my alarm clock to shower and make sure I have my coffee before the rerun’s begin at 8:00 a.m. est. I’m hoping whatever God’s plan is for the Chapman Family, because God has a plan for everyone…. I hope it’s that they are all happy within themselves and with each other. My hope is that someday soon they’ll be back catching fugitives and trying their very best to rehabilitate all the one’s they do catch. Because as far as I’m concerned, they do one hell of a job as a Family, as a Whole. God Bless The Chapman and Gillespie Families, keep them together always and safe from harm. In Jesus Name… Amen.

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