Double Divas on Lifetime follows LiviRae Lingerie owners Molly Hopkins, Cynthia Richards

Double Divas on Lifetime opens the doors to Atlanta-based LiviRae Lingerie, a specialty store that touts: “Got Boobs? LiviRae’s Got Bras.” Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Richards are the owners of LiviRae Lingerie and have long-been a standout with their custom bras and hands-on approach to fitting a woman correctly. Double Divas airs on Lifetime Tuesdays at 10pm ET/PT.

Double Divas on Lifetime follows LiviRae Lingerie owners Molly Hopkins and Cynthia RichardsThe series comes from the producers of Say Yes to the Dress and follows Hopkins and Richards in action at LiviRae’s as they interact with clientele in a funny, touching and completely candid way.

Cynthia is the Thomas Edison of custom lingerie. A self-taught seamstress and designer who interned under London’s Rigby & Peller  — the “people who make the queen’s bras” she shares. “I’ve been designing since I was little,” crafting custom bras from A to N cups.

Bra sizes go up to N cups??? I didn’t realize that …

“Nobody in America does,” Cynthia tells. “Molly and I thought by doing this show that you educate the American woman out there that you don’t need to suffer anymore. There is something larger than double Ds and triple Ds and you all need to have access to it.”

Cynthia wants to change woman’s fears on the letter size of their bra. “Our goal was to let the American woman know [that] D is not big, D is small. If you are looking at an alphabet where is D? In everywhere else outside of America they go to N and make custom bras, we have to change the fear that women have of the letter.”

Her partner, Molly, is known as the bra whisper (a therapist of sorts) who claims that once the clothes come off, the mouths start talking. “A lot of times they tell us a lot more than we bargained for and it becomes intense,” Molly shares. “We become therapists — were not just fixing your bra, we’re fixing your mindset.”

And a lot of fixin’ in store, as Molly says 85 percent of the world’s women are wearing the wrong size bra.

“If you wear the right size bra you’ll be thinner, you’ll look 10 pounds lighter,” Cynthia says. “That’s just one of the benefits that come with wearing the right size bra. One of the crucial things is it prevents calcification and cells and lumps in your breasts, it keeps your breasts perky, it also takes the strain off the back of your neck.”

The woman wear a lot of hats from custom designers, therapists, even doctors?

“We’re the doctors of lingerie because were writing prescriptions and filling bras with breasts, that’s what we do,” Mollys says. “We are your doctor in every way. Mentally we build up your confidence level, because when you get a women in a room all of their vulnerability and their insecurity come off with their shirt– they are exposed when their shirt comes off. You have to use human and compassion – you have to find a way to and let them know they’re not different than anyone else. Let’s fit you right.”

Double Divas moves to a new night starting this Tuesday, February 5, 2013 with all-new episodes airing at 10:00pm PT/ET.

Photo Credit: Lifetime


  1. I have never been able to find the right bra. Right now I am wearing a 36 ddd feeling miserable. I need your advice, I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. I wish there was a way I could return all the bad fitting bras, then I would be able to come to Atlanta to your shop. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOve your show. xoxo

  2. Can you help my daughter?? She is allergic to latex and needs a strapless bra that will support her DD’s We live near Chicago and have had no luck so far. Thanks for you help. Den Eliasen

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