“Undefeated” special looks at Notre Dame football’s perfect season

With Notre Dame football concluding its 2012 regular season with a perfect 12-0 record and the No. 1 BCS ranking, NBC will take a special look back at the Fighting Irish’s season and look ahead to the team’s upcoming appearance in the BCS National Championship game against Alabama, Jan. 7 on ESPN. Undefeated: 2012 Notre Dame Football Season in Review premieres on NBC this Saturday, Dec. 22, at 2pm ET.


Liam McHugh hosts Undefeated, which will feature an in-depth and behind-the-scenes look at Notre Dame football’s first undefeated regular season since 1988. The special will include interviews with head coach Brian Kelly and numerous players, and will also feature a look back at the career of Heisman Trophy candidate and team captain, linebacker Manti Te’o. Footage from the Notre Dame Football awards show will also air in Undefeated.

Not surprisingly given its historic season, Notre Dame Football scored its most-watched season in seven years for NBC. The network says that the Fighting Irish averaged 4.4 million viewers and a 2.8 household rating for its seven games on NBC, up 69% and 67%, respectively, versus last year (2.6 million viewers and a 1.7 household rating).

Can ratings lightning strike twice? NBC hopes so, as it will be re-airing several of the 2012 Notre Dame football games on New Year’s Day on the NBC Sports Network, including the team’s Sept. 22, 13-6 win against rival Michigan; the 20-13 overtime victory against Stanford; the triple overtime victory, 29-26, over Pittsburgh; and the 38-0 shutout over Wake Forest on Senior Day. In addition to these games, NBC Sports Network will re-air Undefeated, as well as the special Onward Notre Dame: South Bend to Soldier Field, which features the team as it prepares to face Miami at Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears, a game Notre Dame eventually won, 41-3.

Undefeated: 2012 Notre Dame Football Season in Review premieres Dec. 22 at 2pm ET on NBC.

The New Year’s Day Notre Dame Football schedule on NBC Sports Network airs as follows:

Jan. 1, NBC Sports Network
12pm: Michigan at Notre Dame Re-Air
2pm: Onward Notre Dame: South Bend to Soldier Field Re-Air
3pm: Stanford at Notre Dame Re-Air
5pm: Pittsburgh at Notre Dame Re-Air
7pm: Wake Forest at Notre Dame Re-Air
9pm: Undefeated: Notre Dame Football Season in Review Re-Air


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  1. Just a quick comment. I have been a ND fan for over 50 years now. Thanks to NBC I am able to veiw all the ND football I want that is not on other networks. I would suggest that Mr Hammond listen to some of the other football coverage from other schools that have their own main broadcasters and see how a home announcer should talk about their team. I know you have to be open and objective and not come across as a total homer but it sure would be nice if he gave a little more of a positive lean toward ND. I get so sick of his – well here they go again, or this is another reason ND is in trouble or their turnovers just keep happening and on and on. On the last game of the year he was still throwing out negative jabs. He needs to be replaced. I wounded if he is that negative about his life as well

  2. undefeated 2012 ND review was not seen today as scheduled in northern virginia. will it be shown again on NBC? I see it will be on NBC sports net.

    • Hi, Brent, sorry it did not air in your area. The next showing we see for Undefeated is the New Year’s Day broadcast on NBC Sports Network at 9pm ET. If we hear about it airing again on NBC we will post here. You may also want to contact your local NBC affiliate to see if they will be showing it separate from the national feed, as they may have pre-empted it for some reason.

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