Who are these TLC Sin City Rules women?

If you thought the Housewives could get nasty, wait until you get a glimpse at the women on TLC’s Sin City Rules. Tough, smart and ruthless, these women have made their mark on Las Vegas and want everyone to know it. The series airs on TLC Sundays at 10pm ET but will move to Tuesdays at 10pm ET beginning Jan. 1.

The women of TLC's new series "Sin City Rules" are Jennifer Harman, Lori Montoya, Lana Fuchs, Amy Hanley and Alicia JacobsSin City Rules follows the lives of Amy Hanley, Lana Fuchs, Jennifer Harman, Alicia Jacobs and Lori Montoya —five high-powered women whose egos and personalities are even bigger than their pocketbooks.

Meet the women of TLC’s “Sin City Rules
Amy Hanley, is the daughter of the late mob boss Tom Hanley, who maintains a unique relationship with her colorful mother (Wendy Mazaros, author of Vegas Rag Doll). In addition to being the mother to three young boys, Amy’s businesses include a firm that handles top-secret financial issues of elite movers and shakers who have fallen on hard times. Hanley posted on her Facebook page earlier: “You all ready for one hell of a goat rodeo show with a roller coaster ride that is beyond bitchy behavior?”

“If I want a monkey, I buy a monkey,” that’s Lana Fuchs, seen in a clip riding on a Segway with her pet monkey on her shoulder. And, oh my, is she something special. Fuchs is the owner of Billionaire Mafia Enterprises, a luxury clothing line, a record label and a concierge service. According to TLC press materials, she enjoys a life filled with every luxury, including her pet monkey, a gun collection and passion for diamonds. She describes herself as, well, read for yourself: “Demonic and Divine are simply two sides of the same coin, and I am both. Duality is inherent in all of us, and based on the choice we make at any moment in time, is how we are perceived. The more powerful an individual is, the more pronounced that duality. … I love The Game of Life and when I’m good, I’m really good. When I’m bad, I’m even better. Whether you love me or hate me, you will remember me!” Now that’s an understatement!

Furthest in personality from Fuchs is probably Jennifer Harman. Born and raised in Vegas, Harman learned to play poker when she was just a kid where she started sneaking into casinos at age 16. She is now considered the best female poker player in Vegas, and possibly the world, holding two WSOP bracelets. She’s married to Marco Traniello, also a professional poker player. In regards to the series, she told her Facebook fans: “I’m very excited and also very nervous. You’ll have to let me know what you think.’

Alicia Jacobs is a local entertainment reporter who claims to have a lot of celebrity friends from being in the biz, and appears to be less about catty fights and overemphasized drama. She comes across as potentially the nice girl in the group.

Lori Montoya is a Vegas native and owner and co-founder of Rain Cosmetics, the first makeup company born in Las Vegas. TLC shares that Montoya is treated as a VIP wherever she goes, having ties to the city’s legendary hotels and nightclubs. She shares that she “always strive to have more and be better,” and while her life can be challenging, she considers it a continuous learning experience.

We’ll see what all these successful women learn as TLC turns the spotlight on their lives, and open up the world to criticize.

The eight-episode series is produced by Evolution Media, the same people who produce Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Orange County franchises.

Photo courtesy of TLC. Pictured from left: Jennifer Harman, Lori Montoya, Lana Fuchs, Amy Hanley and Alicia Jacobs


  1. I have never seen anything more inappropriate or tasteless then this show…..gun party? Really? on the day after 20 children were murdered? Not to mention that these women have no taste whatsoever and are completely without class. Get a grip…we certainly do not need this kind of entertainment, it serves no purpose.

    • How could you not talk about their looks. They look horrible. They are on tv. Yes, Jennifer Harmon looks ragged out. If you want to be on the TV you have to try and look the best that you can. Fixing Jens frown lines and botox and a peel or two could do wonders with her. Also, some hair extentions would look better also. She would wear more flattering clothes. No more of the white trashy tops. Get a sylist too. Alicia at least does what she can to look good although she has the tranny look. The rest are just plain horrible inside and out. GROSS.

  2. I think the show was amazing!! Lori was absolutely stunning!! she showed class, as most of the others did not. I will continue to watch this show and see these other girls show their true colors.

  3. I didn’t get to see the first episode but I’m anxious to see one next Sunday. I personally like the reality shows. Jennifer Harman had was sick for quite a while and had kidney transplant. I can’t believe so many people are complaining about her looks. This isn’t the Pagent.

  4. The only good part of this show is Alicia Jacobs! She’s gorgeous, and that’s nobviously why Lana Fuchs and Amy Hanley hate her! Lana looks like Morticia Adams with a penis, and Hanley looks like a 55 year old haggard old broad!
    Is this really the best this show could do? How bout a recasting?

  5. This show was a disgusting display of humanity. At least the women, besides Amy Hanley have some sort of story behind them. Amy’s mother is an admitted prostitute who helped her alleged father commit some crimes. Real movers and shakers and respectable women? By having trash like Amy Hanley on this show it makes the rest of the women look bad.

  6. I have to say I must not have seen what you saw,, I thouh Lori Montoya was beautiful and adorable ,, sure Lana was tough but guess what I grew up in vegas and those women are there, I happen to think that you dont have to have perfect arms to wear strappy clothes ,, why be so unkind,, this is entertainment,, get real i thought it was fun and the women were interesting, i am looking forward to next week

  7. Totally sick show, Lana has problems, well they all do … money to easily earned papa or hubby. These trophy wives are now trying to show us how vainity is the thing. Only and brainwashed fool would find this show “real” or entertaining.
    While world suffers from economic problems, this piece of trash is called entertainment.

    I HATE this show and the UGLY beings (wanta be’s) ugly ugly show… does promote botox, cheek implants and lipo suction.

  8. OMG I LOVE this show, anyone who says otherwise is just jealous! If you LOVE Housewives you’ll HEART this show! I can’t wait for next week! eeeek!! PS Lori & Alicia are my faves!

  9. All the women on sin city rules are TPT. TRAILER PARK TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fat,Ugly, and skanky. Just plain Stupid. Alicia looks like a tranny, and I don’t even know the other trash boxes names but, Jennifer Harmon and she just looks homely and battered. The money isn’t even good, however, Jennifers full tilt checks are not coming anymore. You know FULL TILT poker the company that cheated players out of 150 million and not one American player has been paid yet. She was one of the owners that took players money. She is a disgrace and has no shame. Heard she was a down right cocktail waitress and prostitute in her poker playing days and banged every skanky guy she could get something off of like TODD BRUNSON….Gross. uGH!

  10. I know that they had a open casting call for these women on the Internet and paper. Is this really all they could find? I heard they are making no money so, these women are on the show mostly for humiliating fame. they are all fat, out of shape and just skinny nasty. I feel sort of embarrassed for them.

  11. Some advice to Jennifer Harmon the poker player. Get a stylist and hair person…and a makeup artist PLEASE! Your on TV for gods sake. Other advice includes, do not wear sleeveless strappy shirts on TV unless you have a banging body with a nice spray tan. More advice would include, botox and fillers around those deep frown lines around your unflattering mouth. One more thing, Ed Hardy clothes went out of style almost 4 Years ago even in VEGAS!

  12. this was the most retarded thing i have ever seen. talk about insulting! are we supposed to be that dumb? all kinds of marketing and scheming foing on here. so tacky and full of glitter. we have god donating 10k to aids benefits with a circus of midgets and fat chicks following. LMAO

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