VOD Spotlight: “Men in Black 3” adds Josh Brolin to the mix

It was a long time coming, but somehow it seemed inevitable that Agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) would be back for another caper. This time out, Josh Brolin was required to come along for the ride, as the plot called for a young Agent K — because they’re headed back in time. In Men in Black 3, Agent J is forced to travel into the past when Agent K’s life as well as the fate of the planet is in danger. In teaming up with Agent K the younger, J finds out secrets of the universe that K had never shared in all of their 15 years of working together.

For Brolin, the newcomer for Men in Black 3, it was important that his involvement in the film’s story wouldn’t be as a third partner working with the other two. “Will and Tommy are an iconic duo,” he says. “It wouldn’t work if another actor came in as a third wheel. But when they explained to me the plot of the film and my role — that J goes back in time to 1969 and I would play the young K — well, I’m in. I’m in without even thinking about it, because there’s a character I want to play.”

In the end, Brolin was ecstatic to take part in Men in Black 3. “Being a part of this movie is crazy for me,” he explains.  “When you go see a great movie, like Men in Black, you’re in the audience thinking, ‘Wow, I want to be those guys.’ You want to be that cool, to have that chemistry with someone. And then you’re asked to do it — it’s like winning the lottery. When I put on the suit, it was the most surreal feeling in the world — I felt like Superman.”

While Brolin had enough of a similar appearance going into the film, his treatment of Agent K had to be thoughtfully and carefully put together. Instead of an impersonation, he says he started with a bit of a caricature of Tommy’s character and reduced it from there. “We really created our own thing.  It was less about ‘How am I going to do Tommy?’ than finding a rendition of Tommy and then making it our own.”

Men in Black 3 is available starting Nov. 29 on Video On Demand. Check your cable system for availability.


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