When Is “A Charlie Brown Christmas” on TV 2012?

When is A Charlie Brown Christmas on TV in 2012, you ask?

Charlie Brown and Linus go shopping for the perfect tree in "A Charlie Brown Christmas"


Wednesday, Nov. 28 and Tuesday, Dec. 18

ABC, 8pm ET/PT — A Charlie Brown Christmas has been around for nearly 50 years, but it’s rarely been needed more than this one. OK, maybe it’s too much to ask of a half-hour cartoon special (which will be stretched out to nearly an hour thanks to lengthy commercial breaks) but if there’s one thing that can help heal a nation divided by one of the most bitter presidential elections in recent memory, it’s this. Republicans, Democrats, Christians, atheists, we can all agree that Charles Schulz’s modest but achingly profound morality tale is unassailably awesome, can’t we? From Lucy explaining to Charlie Brown that the document stating she would not move the football away from him was never notarized, to Snoopy blissfully skating on the ice, to Linus’ heartbreakingly sweet reciting of the Nativity story, A Charlie Brown Christmas is an essential rite of the season. Don’t miss it.

As an added bonus, the hour-long block will also include a condensed version of Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tales and the nifty latter-day holiday short Prep and Landing: Operation Secret Santa.

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