“A Christmas Story”: A TBS tradition continues

If TBS ever stops doing its annual 24 Hours of A Christmas Story, I will be very disappointed. It’s arguably the greatest Christmas movie of all time. (Yeah, yeah, It’s a Wonderful Life — but it only gets played once or twice a year. And does anybody actually ever catch it from before the point where George jumps in the river?) A Christmas Story is relatable to almost anyone who’s grown up in a home where traditional Christmas was observed. Full of the flights of fancy that childhood engenders, somehow Jean Shepherd’s story about Ralphie and his “mania” for a Red Ryder BB gun seems to have perfectly preserved that sense of pre-Christmas anxiety like a prehistoric insect encased in amber — along with other delights, like the leg lamp (“It’s a major award! I won it!”), Scut Farkus’ yellow eyes and the Bumpus hounds. It’s also the perfect film to leave on in the background for all of your holiday festivities, I might add.

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Fortunately, TBS’s A Christmas Story tradition doesn’t seem to be in danger of premature curtailing. This year’s celebration begins, as it does every year, Dec. 24 at 8pm ET/PT, airing in constant rotation for the next 24 hours, with the last showing premiering Christmas Day, Dec. 25, at 6pm ET/PT. And remember — if 24 hours isn’t enough, you can always set your DVR to get more of Ralphie and his little brother scrapping their way through the holidays before they’re allowed to “plunge into the cornucopia quivering with desire and the ecstasy of unbridled avarice” and you can keep the fun going through New Year’s, or until you drive your family completely bananas.


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  1. thank you TBS.. My family and I love watching “A Christmas Story” every year..We turn it on starting Christmas eve ,and leave it on till 8pm Christmas nite..thank you again .. it wouldn’t be Christmas without ” A Christmas Story” !! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year TBS…

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  1. A Christmas Story 2 isn't the only Ralphie sequel

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