“Code: 9” amps up the pranks in second season on Disney XD

How can I get on Code: 9? That seems to be the million-dollar question with kids and adults alike regarding the wildly-popular prank show, which returns for a second season Monday at 7:30pm ET/PT on Disney XD.

Disney Channel's new series Code 9 plays pranks on unsuspecting parentsThere are a lot of hidden-camera programs on television — the barometer will always be Ashton Kutcher’s Punk’d on MTV — but what makes Code: 9 stand apart is its focus on regular people instead of celebrities. And unlike the classic Candid Camera, the folks here are having the wool pulled over their eyes by their own family members.

Yes, you read that correctly. Disney has rallied moms, dads, brothers and sisters from throughout the country to turn on their own for the sake of making them look foolish on national TV. The beauty of the show, though, is that it’s not mean-spiritied at all. In fact, there is something very wholesome about watching a mom conspire with her kids to get the best of dad.

The best part is they get a lot of help. Hosted by Wes Denning, Code: 9 gives the pranksters access to some of Hollywood’s top special effects artists to ensure maximum fun. One son or daughter is disguised with prosthetic makeup to be a part of the gag, which adds another humorous surprise to the unsuspecting parent. Celebrities are occasionally brought in part of the shenanigans, including Los Angeles Kings hockey player Kevin Westgarth in Monday’s premiere episode.

One thing for sure is that Disney will never have a problem finding candidates to feature on their show. A Channel Guide Magazine blog written about Code: 9 in August has drawn more than 80 comments from moms, dads, boys and girls who thought they were contacting Disney about pranking a family member. Here’s a sampling of some of the requests we received:

• my wife is an attorney for homeland security she thinks that she is never wrong. she is also a clean freak. my daughter, Brooke and my son, Geoffrey would love to prank her.

• I would love to prank my mon. She obsessed with her laptop. No matter where she is or where she is at she has her laptop with her all the time. So if you could make something with laptops and let her get blammed for it all. That would be wonderful. SO PLEASE PRANK MY MOM. PLEASE AND THANK YOU CODE 9. PLEASE PICK MY MOM.

• my mom is always on the phone and it will make a great prank if we jammed her phone while she was waiting on one of the most important phone call of her life you guys wills send her an email saying you want to buy tons of her advocare witch is what she sales and that way she’ll be worried that she can’t get the call.

• hi my name is hailie and my dad works all the time and when he is home he works on his car i would the to smash his car. please code 9 help my brothers and sister and my mom and i punk are dad.

• My husband always watches football when ever its on or during football season so, my kids and i want to prank him and be on t.v. and my kids want to be on code 9.And pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help us prank my husband.

• during football season my dad always hogs the tv and sometimes doesn’t talk to us all day . I want to get on code 9 and see what happens.

So let this be a warning to all mothers and fathers out there who sit down Monday evening to watch Code: 9 with your children. While you are feeling all warm and fuzzy about bonding as a family, there’s a good chance your kids are trying to figure out how to get in touch with Disney to prank you on national TV.

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  1. Hey code9 this is Dietra Moore I want to code 9 my dad because I want him to a
    Get Mac at mad at me and my mom ok

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