Thanksgiving TV marathons 2012

Updated Nov. 20, 2012, 9:39am CT

As if overdoing it on your dinner isn’t enough on Thanksgiving, TV networks also give you plenty of opportunities to overindulge in many of your favorite movies and shows by airing marathons of all sorts over the Thanksgiving weekend. This year is no exception. Here is some of what various networks have on the menu in terms of Thanksgiving TV marathons in 2012 (all times ET):

NCIS “Best of Season 3” Marathon — Nov. 21 from 6am-11pm on USA Network.

“Gone With the Wednesday” Marathon — Nov. 21 at 10am-Nov. 22 at 6am on AMC. Four consecutive airings of the classic 1939 film Gone With the Wind.

American Restoration Marathon — Nov. 21 at 8am-Nov. 22 at 2am on History.

Duck Dynasty Marathon — Nov. 21 at 6pm-Nov. 22 at 4am on A&E.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Marathon — Nov. 21 at 6pm-Nov. 22 at 6am on TLC.

Bond Movie Marathon — Nov. 22 at 12am-Nov. 24 at 5:30am on Syfy. If Skyfall got you excited about revisiting the other James Bond movies (or discovering them for the first time), you are in luck with this two-day (with a break at 8pm on Nov. 23 for WWE Smackdown) airing of various 007 titles, which includes the first two Daniel Craig appearances as Bond (Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace); the very first Bond film (Dr. No with Sean Connery); and more.

“Tuneful Thanksgiving” Marathon — Nov. 22 at 4:15am-Nov. 23 at 12:40am on Encore Love. Several festive musical movies, including La Bamba, Oklahoma!, Evita, Rent and more.

How It’s Made Marathon — Nov. 22 from 6am-6:30pm; and Nov. 25 from 6am-7:30pm on Science.

Cake Boss Marathon — Nov. 22 from 6am-11am on TLC.

NCIS “Gibbs That Keeps On Giving” Marathon — Nov. 22 at 6am-Nov. 23 at 6am on USA Network.

Wheeler Dealers — Nov. 22 at 6am-Nov. 23 at 6am on Velocity.

Paranormal Series Marathon — Nov. 22 at 8am-Nov. 23 at 4am; Nov. 24 at 8am-Nov. 25 at 4am on Bio Channel. Includes episodes of Paranormal State, My Ghost Story, Celebrity Ghost Stories and more.

Thanksgiving Movie Marathon — Nov. 22 at 8am-Nov. 23 at 2am on FX. Animated features such as Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Kung Fu Panda and 14 straight hours (!) of Shrek Forever After.

Swamp People Marathon — Nov. 22 from 8am-2pm on History.

Finding Bigfoot Marathon — Nov. 22 from 9am-7pm on Animal Planet.

Wicked Tuna Marathon — Nov. 22 from 9am-6pm on National Geographic Channel.

Tattoo Nightmares and Ink Master Marathons — Nov. 22 from 9am-8pm on Spike. Six episodes of Tattoo Nightmares, followed by eight episodes of Ink Master.

Restaurant Impossible Marathon — Nov. 22 from 10am-4pm on Food Network.

Castle Marathon — Nov. 22 from 10am-11pm on TNT.

Mary Mary Marathon — Nov. 22 from 10am-5pm on WE tv.

Friends Marathon — Nov. 22 from 11am-6pm on TBS.

Breaking Amish Marathon — Nov. 22 from 11am-9pm on TLC.

“Thanksgiving With Your Godfather” Marathon — Nov. 22 at 11:30am-Nov. 23 at 4:30am on AMC. Two consecutive airings of The Godfather and The Godfather Part II.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 7 Marathon — Nov. 22 at 12pm-Nov. 23 at 6am on BBC America.

Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles Marathon — Nov. 22 from 12pm-6pm on Bravo.

Friday Night Lights Marathon — Nov. 22 from 1pm-8pm on ESPN Classic.

Secretly Pregnant — Nov. 22 from 2pm-10pm on Discovery Fit & Health.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Marathon — Nov. 22 at 2pm-Nov. 23 at 2am on Oxygen.

The First 48 Marathon — Nov. 22 at 3pm-Nov. 23 at 4am on A&E.

Hatfields & McCoys Nov. 22 at 6pm-Nov. 23 at 4am on History. Entire re-airing of History’s acclaimed miniseries.

ALF Marathon — Nov. 22 at 6pm-Nov. 23 at 6am on The Hub.

Tamar & Vince Marathon — Nov. 22 at 6pm-Nov. 23 at 2am on WE tv.

“Quartermania” Marathon — Nov. 22 from 7pm-12am on SOAPnet. Five hours of Thanksgiving-related General Hospital episodes featuring the Quartermaine clan.

House Hunters and House Hunters International Marathon — Nov. 23 at 6:30am-Nov. 24 at 3am on HGTV.

Four Weddings Marathon — Nov. 23 from 7am-12pm on TLC.

Storage Wars Texas Marathon — Nov. 23 from 8am-3pm on A&E.

The Parkers Marathon — Nov. 23 from 8am-5:30pm on BET.

Counting Cars Marathon — Nov. 23 from 8am-8pm on History.

America’s Next Top Model Marathon — Nov. 23 from 8am-8:15pm on Oxygen.

Awkward Marathon — Nov. 23 from 9am-10pm on MTV.

Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out Marathon — Nov. 23 at 9am-Nov. 24 at 3am on National Geographic Channel.

SpongeBob SquarePants Marathon — Nov. 23 from 9am-5pm on Nickelodeon.

Band of Brothers Marathon — Nov. 23 from 9am-4:45pm on Spike. Spike airs episodes 6-10 of the acclaimed 2001 World War II series about a troop of U.S. servicemen fighting their way across Europe.

Action Friday Marathon — Nov. 23 from 9:30am-10pm on AMC. Action movies, including Top Gun and Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Fringe Marathon — Nov. 23 at 10am-Nov. 24 at 3am; and Nov. 24 at 10am-Nov. 25 at 3am on Science.

Hoarding: Buried Alive Marathon — Nov. 23 at 11am-Nov. 24 at 2am on Discovery Fit & Health.

The Millionaire Matchmaker Marathon — Nov. 23 at 12pm-Nov. 24 at 2:30am on Bravo.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Marathon — Nov. 23 from 12pm-10pm on Food Network.

Say Yes to the Dress Marathon — Nov. 23 from 12pm-8pm on TLC. Episodes of Say Yes to the Dress and Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids.

Big Rich Texas Marathon — Nov. 23 from 2pm-8pm on Style Network. Followed by the premiere of Big Rich Texas Accessorized at 8pm.

Duck Dynasty Marathon — Nov. 23 at 3pm-Nov. 24 at 4am on A&E.

Black Friday Movie Marathon — Nov. 23 at 4pm-Nov. 24 at 4am on The Hub. Back-to-back airings of Cats & Dogs; Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore; and Monster House.

Star Wars Marathon — Nov. 23 from 7pm-1:55am; Nov. 24 from 9am-12:56am; Nov. 25 from 12:45pm-10:50pm; Nov. 26 from 2pm-11:30pm on Spike. Episodes I and II airs Nov. 23; Episodes I, II, III and IV air Nov. 24; Episodes III, IV and V air Nov. 25; Episodes V and VI air Nov. 26.

“Thanksgiving Weekend Sci-Fi Invasion” Marathon — Nov. 23 at 8:20pm-Nov. 26 at 2:05am on Encore Action. Over two days of sci-fi action films, kicking off with Men in Black and also including Ghostbusters, Twelve Monkeys, The Last Starfighter, Godzilla (1998), Tank Girl, Krull, Gattaca, Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, The Abyss (Director’s Cut), Timecop, Repo Man and many more. Check our Movies section for more titles and information.

“Kelly & Dylan: Heating Up the Holidays” Marathon — Nov. 23 from 8pm-1am on SOAPnet. Five hours of the steamy, stormy relationship between good girl Kelly Taylor and bad boy Dylan McKay from the original Beverly Hills 90210 series, showcasing their most memorable make-ups and break-ups.

Giuliana & Bill Marathon — Nov. 24 from 9am-6pm on Style Network.

My Fair Wedding Marathon — Nov. 24 at 10am-Nov. 25 at 1am on WE tv. Episodes of My Fair Wedding With David Tutera and My Fair Wedding With David Tutera Unveiled.

The Steve Harvey Show Marathon — Nov. 24 from 10:30am-5:30pm; and Nov. 25 from 10:30am-2pm on BET.

Locked Up Abroad Marathon — Nov. 24 from 12pm-7pm on National Geographic Channel.

Law & Order: SVU Marathon — Nov. 24 at 1pm-Nov. 25 at 2am on USA Network.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Marathon — Nov. 24 from 1pm-7pm on Bravo.

Tia & Tamera Marathon — Nov. 24 from 6pm-12am on Style Network.

Shahs of Sunset Marathon — Nov. 25 from 7am-1pm on Bravo.

NCIS Marathon — Nov. 25 from 9am-11pm on USA Network.

Untold Stories of the ER Marathon — Nov. 25 from 11am-8pm on Discovery Fit & Health.

Lonesome Dove Marathon — Nov. 25 from 11:30am-6pm on Encore. Encore’s “The Big Miniseries Showcase” presents all four episodes of the acclaimed 1988 miniseries, a Western tale starring Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones and Danny Glover.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Marathon — Nov. 25 from 1pm-8pm on Bravo. A new episode also airs at 9pm.

Extreme Couponing Marathon — Nov. 25 from 2pm-8pm on TLC.

Storage Wars Marathon — Nov. 25 at 4pm-Nov. 26 at 4am on A&E. Episodes of Storage Wars Texas and Storage Wars.

Sex and the City Marathon — Nov. 25 at 5pm-Nov. 26 at 2am on Style Network.

Pawn Stars Marathon — Nov. 25 from 7pm-11pm on History.

Strange Sex Marathon — Nov. 25 at 8pm-Nov. 26 at 2am on Discovery Fit & Health.



Here Comes Honey Boo Boo: Credit TLC

Duck Dynasty: © 2012 A&E Networks, LLC. Credit: Zach Dilgard


  1. You missed the sci-fi movie marathon that Encore will be showing Friday, November 23rd at 8:20 p.m. ET through Sunday, November 25th. Included: Men in Black, The Abyss (Director’s Cut, Species,Species II, Repo Man, Flash Gordon, The Philadelphia Experiment, Enemy Mine, The Last Starfighter, Timecop, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, Godzilla, Tank Girl, Screamers, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Krull, Gattaca, Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation, Justice League: The New Frontier, Spawn, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II and Twelve Monkeys

    • Thanks for the tip, Greg. I’ve added in the sci-fi movie marathon, as well as a few other Encore marathons.

  2. I love when channels play movie marathons. The Thanksgiving Movie Marathon on FX looks particularly good. I haven’t seen Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, but a friend I work with at DISH was saying it’s a great family movie. I’ll have to record it for when my nieces and nephews come over on Thanksgiving weekend. I’ll record the other movies, too, so we have plenty to watch. My DISH Hopper should have enough space for all three movies and my usual shows with its 2 terabyte hard drive, too. It will be a great way to spend the holiday weekend.

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