1. I totaly agree. If I get on RuPaul and get this one in a life time opportunity I’m going all for it! Even if they have to put make up on every inch on my body, because girl I know I’m going to look fierce when I walk out on that run-way!

  2. I cant believe that lil beyatch daughter of Pia Zidora (haven’t heard that name in 30 years….) didn’t let Raven and JujuBee “drag her” all the way out…SHE DIDNT WANT CONTOUR??? SHE WANTED BANGS?? Please girl… had the opportunity of every girls dream…to be made up by a drag queen and you wanted them to TONE IT DOWN?…they almost lost because of you and you didnt even speak up when the judges ripped on them for “Playing it too safe”…you should have opened up your mouth and defended them…stupid no clue ellie….damn girl…you blew your big chance. Don’t know your name now, never heard of you before but you can best believe that you will be forever remembered as the girl who didn’t want to wear Drag makeup on Rue Pauls’ Drag Race All Stars

    • Susan –

      I totally agree. I don’t know what she was thinking. At least from what they showed on Untucked, Raven was super-nice to her about it though. I’m wondering what kind of conversations they had behind the scenes.

      Any time a drag queen, especially ones that make it to Drag Race, want to paint me within an inch of my life, I’m all for it!

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