TLC’s “Jersey Brides” say @#$! yes to the dress

If TLC’s Bride Day Friday’s are just a tad too tame for you, maybe you should say yes to the network’s new Jersey Brides, instead.

Set at Bijou Bridal‘s Paramus, New Jersey, location and starring the store’s owners, adorable sisters Joyce and Julie Jou (that’s them below) — plus their good-natured consultant and dress designer Leigh Price — Jersey Brides spotlights the lively dress pursuits of ladies whose primary goal is Jersey’s special brand of pizazz.

Or as the Jou sisters put it: “Bling. Boobs. And booty.”

In the first half-hour, viewers will meet Jessie, a lifelong Jersey girl who says that she is a former professional wrestler called Jessie The Hardcore Effing Shot Girl, because her shtick was “poisoning” people’s drinks in order to beat them.

She and her besties arrive all decked out in club wear that leaves little to the imagination — and leads the Jou sisters to wonder if they may have dropped by the shop while making an en masse, post-night-out “walk of shame.”


Turns out, that’s just their style. And Jessie is seeking an edgy dress that makes her best, uh, asset look good.

So is the episode’s second bride Kasia, a blond bubble of a girl whose entourage includes her nameplate-necklace wearing BFF Brittany, her fiance Joel and his twin brother, and her heavily-accented mom and mother-in-law-to-be — all of whom have differing ideas about what the bride should wear.

Will Jessie’s dress selection surprise everyone — including the bold bride herself? Will Kasia’s dream dress make her diverse crew happy — or will the price tag prove a nightmare?

Find out when TLC premieres back-to-back Jersey Brides specials Thursday, Nov. 15, at 10/9CT.

 Photos/video: TLC

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