Science airs “Browncoats Unite,” commemorating 10 years of “Firefly”

Not many shows that were canceled after half a season — during which some of the episodes weren’t even aired in the right order — are celebrated 10 years later. But Firefly has stood the test of time, attracting a devoted following that was strong enough to spawn a successful big-screen adaptation, 2005’s Serenity.

The fans, who call themselves Browncoats in honor of lead character Malcolm Reynolds’ past as a rebel soldier, will want to be glued to their TVs tonight at 10 when Science presents Browncoats Unite, a 10th anniversary special commemorating the show. It will include footage from the cast’s reunion at last summer’s Comic-Con in San Diego. Stars Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk, Sean Maher and Summer Glau were on hand, as was creator Joss Whedon.

Science is treating fans to a full marathon of the series running all day today, beginning at 7am.