Long Island Medium Season 3 finale recap, Caputo family goes to college

Long Island Medium Season 3 finale, “Hello College,” culminated with Theresa Caputo in tears as she hugged Victoria goodbye at her new college. It was a bittersweet event for the Caputo clan as they helped Victoria pack, unload and get settled in her new home. No surprise that tough-buy Larry took it the hardest, letting out a sob, as he kissed and hugged his little girl goodbye. Theresa told us earlier this year that sending Victoria off was a milestone for the family: “We all did pretty good with Victoria leaving for college, of course we cried!!! But she is so happy and her roommate and family are great!!! Larry took it, and still is taking, it the hardest…that’s his little girl!”

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo says goodbye to daughter Victoria Caputo in the season 3 finaleTruly it was an endearing and real moment in their life that any parent can relate to, and an event for the Caputos that wouldn’t be complete without some type of spirit intervention, right? So spirit intervened in a few ways, including making a warm welcome for Victoria’s new roommate and her family. While Victoria had planned dorm decorating details with her new roommate Jasmine prior to arriving, Jasmine’s mother, Elizabeth, had a bit more awkward introduction to the Caputos. Just moments after meeting, Theresa connected with Elizabeth’s deceased mother and shared some reassurances that left her at peace with leaving her daughter at college.

Spirit came to play prior to arriving at college when Theresa and Victoria were shopping for dorm décor at a small shop in New York, Painting With Flowers, where they discovered some wall art that had the lyrics to the song “You Are My Sunshine.” Theresa, moved to tears, affectionately admitted: “My grandmother use to sing it.” She explained that sometimes Endearing wall art shown on Long Island Mediium Season 3 finalespirit comes to you at a time when you need them most, and this was one of those times. Theresa interpreted them finding the wall art as a sign that her grandma was with them as they shopped. Purchasing the art Theresa said, “Knowing my grandmother is going to be watching over her, makes it easier.”

Theresa never went to college, so most of the episode focused on her fussing and stressing over packing and coaching Victoria for life on her own. SNL picked up some potential future material when Theresa instructed Victoria on doing laundry. “Could you write all this down for me? I’m not going to remember all of this,” Victoria asked, as Theresa demonstrated filling the detergent cup, dumping the detergent in washer and pushing the wash button.

Only one scheduled reading was featured in this episode, which was with two females, Stacky and Shavon, who drove in from D.C. Stacky had lost her only son, who was just 19, only three months ago. “Who is the young boy that died?” Theresa asked, he’s saying: “I’m my mother’s pride and joy. …I didn’t want you to take out a second mortgage to lay him to rest.” We learn Stacky was going to take out a second mortgage to cover the burial expenses. Theresa said, “I saw a couch – he brought me through the passing – Theresa my heart just stopped.” We learn, he had an enlarged heart and he simply went to lay down and never woke back up. Theresa told Stacky that he wanted her to know how much he loved her and how important she was to her, and he was not afraid.

TLC renewed Long Island Medium for a fourth season, ordering 30 half-hour episodes, with the first part of Season 4 beginning in March 2013.



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