“Bada Bling Brides” unfurling on TLC Thursday

According to TLC, “Italian brides want three things: drama, attention and over-the-top couture wedding gowns.” I can’t say that that’s entirely true, as my Italian wife hates drama and attention, and while she appreciates couture, she’s no fan of over-the-top wedding gowns. But never mind — Bada Bling Brides (premiering Thursday, Nov. 8 at 10pm ET/PT) obviously isn’t about her. It’s about the brides who have to have things “just so” and for whom “just so” is nothing short of being a total princess for a day. The D’Agostino family, the family at the center of Bada Bling Brides, runs Toronto bridal shop Sposa Italia and takes pride in matching its clients in just the right dress for each’s big day, and they’re used to a good deal of drama. But now that the D’Agostinos’ own daughter — their only daughter — is getting married, the descent into the wedding maelstrom is really about to begin.

It’s an ugly family situation, of course. On the one hand, you have the parents, whose business it is to supply couture to their clientele. Their only daughter’s wedding is naturally going to be a showcase of what their business can do, and they want their daughter to sparkle. In this case, literally — with bucketloads of crystals stitched to her gown. Of course Vanessa, their daughter, isn’t on board with any of it and does her best not to look repulsed at what’s happening around her.

And that’s how things start out in Bada Bling Brides. Where they go from here, we’ll have to see, but we’re pretty sure it’s going to get messy: In the TLC press release it says that “cannoli will fly.” We’re already waiting for the food fight.


Video: TLC


  1. She’s not so “bada bling!” they sold me a dress this summer $4000 over what the actual dress costs at other bridal stores. Lia ripped off the tag of the designer and put her own label on it (Sposa Italia).
    Before I found out about this, I asked her who the designer was and she said it was one of her own, that it’s a custom dress. Ya sure, a week later I foud it on theknot.com, I called other stores that sold that designer and the dress was selling for $995. The belt that she also sold me with the dress (for $1000) was actually $200 at another store. It’s disgusting – never shop there.

  2. I recorded it, have not watched it yet, but I can’t wait to see it. Being a full blooded Italian myself, this show should be very entertaining!

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