“Long Island Medium” Season 3 recap of “Theresa and the Tent”

Long Island Medium Season 3 recap of “Theresa and the Tent” found Theresa Caputo comforting a couple who lost a child, helping new home owners rid their house of any negative spirits and trying to overcome her fears of claustrophobia.

Long Island Medium Season 3 episode "Theresa in a Tent"Although Episode 13 had a humorous ending, the first segment was simply heartbreaking as it involved the death of a child. Parents Rob and Theresa visited the Caputo home for a private reading hoping to better understand why their daughter Angelina passed away two years ago.

“Do you know someone who lost a child?” Theresa started. [Good guess, right!? — as it’s two young parents clearly distraught, but she knows more…] The couple confirmed that it’s their daughter who passed. “Do you have another daughter?… Who is the M name? Is another child in her room? … She shows me pink and then she shows me blue.”

She [Theresa] is dead on. The couple does have another daughter, named Marisa, and after the death of Angelina they had a son, who now uses Angelina’s room. Theresa asked them if their baby is looking around a lot, as if talking to someone. They responded telling her he does. “Please know he’s talking to his sister,” she shared.

“You daughter showed me a symbol for a hole in her heart,” Theresa told them. We learn that Angelina died from a very rare disease, which required open heart surgery in which she never recovered. “She wants you to know that God came to her – she said even a heart transplant would not have saved me.”

But it’s what Theresa explained next that left them anguished, yet at peace. Theresa said that Angelina was telling her, “if I did not pass you would not have had my brother …  So proud I was able to give the gift to my brother.” The couple explained that they were prepared to give their lives to their daughter Angelina and her special needs, and would have never had another child had Angelina not passed.

Next, Theresa made a house visit to an expectant couple who recently purchased a home. When the couple found out that a death had occurred in the home they just purchased they wanted to cleanse it of any bad spirits before moving in and the birth of their baby.

While Theresa was saging the house to cleanse it from any negative energy, she picked up spirit presence. “Who is the son that died? …Did he take his own life?” We learn that the woman who had owned the house prior to the couple had a son who had committed suicide in the house. “He’s here,” Theresa announced. [Not necessarily good news to the new owners who were already freaked out about this.] Theresa asked them if they were concerned about this and the couple acknowledged it disturbed them. Theresa told them: “He actually looked at me and said, ‘I would never harm anyone else. I just couldn’t find my place here in the physical world.’” It’s was certainly what the couple needed to hear to feel better about moving into the home. Personally, I’d be calling my realtor looking for a For Sale sign ASAP.

The last spiritual connection involved a private reading with a man named Anthony at his home in Woodbury, New York. His mother passed two years ago, at age 67, from diabetes. Theresa asked him: “Do you still have an article of your mom’s clothing?” Turns out that’s what Anthony had asked his departed mother to say to validate it was really her. Now here, I would have asked for something a bit more specific, as the chances of still having an article of clothing from someone close to you is pretty likely, and not something that really “blews you away” as Anthony thought. Specifics like the black snowman sweater with the red ribbon with a hole in the elbow. “I literally said this this morning, that if she mentions that one thing, I’ll know that you are talking to mom,” Anthony shared.

The episode ends with Larry’s overly staged idea of purchasing another tent (an idea that spawned when he found what appeared to be a brand new tent in his garage while he was cleaning it). So the Caputo clan went tent shopping, the Larrys pitched the tent in their backyard and then patiently tried to coax Theresa to scoot her behind into the tent — all in an effort to help her overcome her fears of claustrophobia. Apparently, Theresa has a fear of closed spaces — elevators, closets and tents. “There’s no emergency exit on a tent!” she warned.

“This is the whole purpose of doing it in the backyard. Face your fear and get in here,” Larry yelled at Theresa, as his patience was tiring. “You’re so frickin’ dramatic, get your ass in here.” As viewers wished for a spirit to seriously grab her and push her in that tent, Theresa did finally make the move and sat for a few seconds in the tent.


  1. Have your daughter pray to the Holy Spirit. God is her answer not Teresa Caputo , who is a phoney! God be with you!See a priest in your community. Pray, pray. God is with you. If God is with you, who can be against you! Have faith greater is He that is in you that he that is is in the world. Do not put your faith in Terera caputo,for she is with the devil.

  2. I am in desperate need of help… My daughter is 11 and has been able to see/communicate with people that have pasted and she is terrified when this happens. She can tell good from bad (unfortunately she has had a bad experience) and she is freaked out by this.. I need help teaching her about her gift. There have been many women in my family that has a part of the gift, but she has it all… I don’t know what to do to help her.. Any suggestions would be greatly appreicated.. Thanks so much!!!

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