CMT reveals new cast (and some rejects) of “Redneck Island” Season 2

Steve Austin will be back for Season 2 of CMT’s Redneck Island when the competition series kicks up again starting Nov. 10 at 9pm ET/PT. The 10-episode season is again billed as a “redneck-style competition series,” and this time the contestants discover that their first challenge is something called a “game of human cornhole” (pictured below). Whomever proves to be the “reddest” of them all over the course of the season will win $100,000. Austin will be live-tweeting the season premiere on Nov. 10 at his Twitter feed (@steveaustinBSR) using the hashtag #RedneckIsland starting at 9pm.

Season 2 “Approved Applicants” who will compete on the show include:

Justin Campbell (Ragland, Ala.) – “A 26-year-old laborer from Alabama, he loves jug fishing and has dreams of becoming a chicken farmer,” per the CMT release.

Joe Durdaller (Burke, Tex.) – “This 23-year-old Texan, who finally realized ‘anything is more fun with whiskey and women,’ played semi-pro football before his current gig as a casino bartender.”

Nick Honea (Albertville, Ala.) – “A student who, at 26 years old, enjoys the finer things in life: chasing women, drinking beer, hunting and junkin’.”

Wade Jones (Our Town, Ala.) – “Everyone’s favorite country store manager, this 40-year-old redneck loves singing his heart out at karaoke and is proud of his redneck car collection.”

Kyle Medina (White House, Tenn.) – “This height-loving high school wrestling coach spends his spare time mudding, hunting and getting crazy after a few beers.”

Darren Sweet (Hiddenite, N.C.) – “A tree trimmer from the Carolinas, he’s taught himself to fix just about anything and owns more than 20 guns.”

William Worley (Gloucester, Va.) – “This 47-year-old software engineer has big plans for fun if he wins the money, including buying a tractor, a crab boat and pots for a huge redneck party.”

Angela Croke (Josephine, Tex.) – “As a stay-at-home-mom, this 34-year-old Texan loves spending time with her two kids, and her third child: her lifted diesel truck.”

Heather Maier (Louisville, Ky.) – “Proud owner of one of the loudest burps in Kentucky, this 24-year-old supportive living assistant could show everyone a thing or two about jello wrestling.”

Lisa McCreless (Pinson, Ala.) – “A manager at a loan company, this 32-year-old redneck worked in a meat packing factory at age 14 and loves shooting pistols.”

Kelly Moss (Oakfield, Tenn.) – “Sports a tattoo of her favorite gun on her back and has worked on a pig farm. This 29 year old is a member of the Army National Guard and works at a steakhouse restaurant.”

Donna Stickley (Lake Wales, Fla.) – “This 25-year-old, hog-hunting hair stylist is not afraid to get down and dirty, she once won a ‘dirty girl’ competition at a mud fest.”

Eliza Bentley Weber (Memphis, Tenn.) – “A sports bar and outdoor gear shop employee, this 33-year-old deer-hunting enthusiast traces her redneck roots to growing up living a ‘country club’ redneck lifestyle.”

Shawna Willson (Lakeland, Fla.) – “Hailing from the Sunshine State, this 26-year-old stay-at-home-mom can proudly kill and clean a chicken in less than 10 minutes.”

Now, of course, not everyone who applies for Redneck Island can make it onto the competition, and CMT was kind enough to also include this clip reel of the rejected applicants. Somehow, these seem like they would have made more interesting redneck contestants. What kind of world is it where the winner of a Larry the Cable Guy Lookalike Contest, and a man who admits to eating cow dung (his reasoning? “Why not?”), cannot make it onto a show called Redneck Island? (Spoiler alert: The cow dung-eater says the stuff is “disgusting.”)

Season 2 of Redneck Island premieres Nov. 10 at 9pm ET/PT on CMT.


Courtesy of CMT

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