1. Pandora deserved to go home. She is NOT funny she just tells everyone she is. She had a revolting attitude. Her attempt to motivate her team mate to come back in and win was a poor attempt at trying to say what Chad had just said moments earlier. Why when she saw how bad the lipsync was didn’t she buzz in ? Because she was to scared to have to go up against a real star.

  2. Pandora didn’t get a chance with,”MeMe,I’m First”as her partner! What a tragedy! 🙁 Pandora got taken advantage of by that bully MeMe & was set too be miserable from the get! How could she possible bring out her best being weighted down by an Opressor, MeMe I’m First!
    We are sorry to see the most fun & bubbely Super Star Drag Queen never had a chance…..bring her back! Please bring her back! She is 1 of your best Performers hands down! She deserves another chance….please RuPaul, don’t send her home yet?

  3. From what I know of Pandora her attitude was circumstantial, and probably justified. For years I saw her perform in Rochester, NY and admired her wit and humility. The format of this season and her subsequent departure are a incredibly frustrating. Pandora has a lot of talent and I can’t help but think she was railroaded. How Mimi got back on the show will remain a mystery.

    To the shows producers: you’ve taken a wrong turn. In your quest for more drama and excitement you’ve over complicated a good thing and pulled an amazing talent from the spotlight. You and RuPaul also lost a few loyal viewers of the show.

  4. I love RuPaul and have been watching her show from the first season (actually since she was on Project Runway as guest judge promoting the show). As a white straight married woman with children (ie, not the typical viewer, I suppose), I absolutely fell in love with Pandora. Her sense of comedic timing (sometimes accidental, perhaps, like when she dropped her cigarette into the fried chicken during one skit) left me hysterical. I was a true fan and loved seeing her in Orbitz and other commercials and followed her blog religiously. Until last nite. It mat have been the editing. But I was so disappointed to watch Pandora’s sullen behavior after she was matched with Mimie Imfirst. I was no fan of Mimie’s, but my first reaction was, damn, Mimie looks really good and has definitely improved since we’ve last seen her and she is really bringing this on. I wasn’t in Pandora’s position, but I was most surprised that the lady that I admired so much because of her empathy, strength, kindness and sense of humor that was Pandora from the second season was lost on me now. I did not recognize nor like this self pitying, selfish, ungrateful woman who bullied her partner. Did the fame get to Ms. Pandora? Because I can not fathom how, when after Pandora expressed her thoughts of suicide after stating that people didn’t understand her and criticized her on a previous season how she now could turn around and treat someone similarly. And I cannot understand how, even if it was in part due to the editing, how RuPaul could show this awful side of an once fanned persona, for the reason why At least this fan has watched RuPaul religiously throughout all these seasons is because of the constant affirmation that we are all special, irregardless of our gender, our nationality, our sexuality, our size, our color, our creed, our socioeconomics, our politics, etc.
    I don’t know about you, but I’m voting for the Green

  5. Let’s face it, there will be a boo every week as these are some fierce queens. I just wish Pandora had left her piss-poor attitude at home!

  6. Not boo! No! Not boo at all! When we get down to Team Latrila versus Team Shad, then we have a problem for sure. Could they not have paired up and spared me a Season’s worth of heartache? Also, I’d like the Half-Baked photos made available for cubicle art. And Chad’s final outfit for slow days at the office.

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