Long Island Medium Season 3 recap of “The Family Photo,” Episode 9

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo was doing some soul searching of her own in the Season 3 episode “The Family Photo,” when Theresa Caputo, Larry Caputo, Victory Caputo and Larry Jr. Caputo family photo.she suggested to Larry and the kids that it was time to update their family photo. The last time the Caputo clan color-coordinated their wardrobes for a family photo was over 10 years ago (check out Larry in the turtleneck, and Theresa with no tease!).

Regardless, this wasn’t greeted with warm sentiment as the kids and Larry scoffed at the idea and mocked Theresa’s wardrobe selections for them. But, as most things go in the Caputo house, Theresa got what she wanted and cameras followed them to the studio for a candid and successful new photo shoot, where Theresa proved that you can wear all white and look fabulous.


Theresa Caputo, Larry Caputo, Victoria Caputo and Larry Jr. Caputo's new family photograph.Of course it wouldn’t  be a Caputo outing without Theresa connecting with a spirit and this time it was with the photographer at the studio. Theresa brought him to tears as she asked a series of questions from the tie tack he carries in his pocked to his daughter’s fifth birthday party. “[Your father] actually put his hand on your shoulder to show how proud he is of you,” Theresa told him. The photographer, completely moved, said “it meant everything to hear from him today – I always thought that he would look over me.”

In other spirit activity, Theresa was able to comfort several people including a younger woman named Lisa who was looking to better understand how her big brother Steve died. A familiar wish to many, Lisa told cameras she wished “I had one more phone call, one more hug – I just wish I could see him, even if it was only for a minute.” That, Theresa wasn’t able to deliver, but she was able to connect and validate with some pretty unusual comments.

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo's family photo shoot was adorable“Your brother is funny – he was telling me he was the special one in the family, he joked that ‘I was mom’s favorite.’ … Did you just get new living room furniture?” Theresa asked Lisa. Lisa confirmed that they were in the process of getting it. “Perfect,” Theresa said. “How do you connect with bunnies?” Lisa’s jaw dropped. Turns out she just discovered numerous bunnies in her backyard a few days ago. … And that’s the way spirits validate a connection by referencing something a medium couldn’t possibly know.

But for Lisa she was looking for more than that. Lisa had a lot of questions about the car accident that her brother and his girlfriend were in five years ago. Her brother was killed and his girlfriend survived, but she has no memory of the accident. Theresa asked Lisa if she wanted to keep looking for answers because she was looking to blame someone. “Was someone else was with him and they survived? … Does the girlfriend not remember what happened?” she asked Lisa.

Lisa explained how she was angry about the car accident and Steve’s girlfriend not being able to tell her anything. She thought they may have been fighting and that might have caused the accident. Theresa told her it was a senseless accident. “He took the responsibility. He says please don’t be angry at her, don’t blame her.” Theresa told Lisa that she needed to release this anger so she can start to heal, but then interrupted “Did you get the chills? That was him.”

Later in a group reading Theresa surveyed the room unsure where to start. “Who was killed? They just told me that someone passed in a tragedy,” she asked the group.

A younger woman named Amber came forward and said, “I bet it’s Brian,” a neighbor of her’s who had passed in a motorcycle accident. Then Theresa stunned her by asking if she just had a miscarriage. Amber broke down in tears saying she had. Theresa told her, “I see a blue blanket. Please know that Brian has him safe with him on the other side.” Amber wept saying she had planned to name the baby Brian. A moment, Theresa shared, that she loves when people not knowing each other on the other side but because they know you want to help.

Next up was the blonde-haired woman in the leopard print shirt who’s been on all those promo spots for Long Island Medium with her weepy outburst of “Oh my God.” We learn her name is Caroline and she’s from Maryland, and also lost a very dear friend of hers.

“How do you understand the sister, or someone like a sister to you,” Theresa called upon her and asked. Caroline explained that over 13 years ago she joined Parents Without Partners and made an instant friend with a woman named Jane. Although Theresa didn’t know the back story, she asked if her friend had a daughter, as she needed Caroline to pass along to her daughter that she was OK. When Theresa asked if she died from the chest, that’s when Caroline let our her “OMG” breakdown, as her friend died of breast cancer [although things from the chest could be lung or heart related as well, so not really that shocking, right?!]

All photos credit TLC.