“Ted Nugent’s Gun Country” airs on Discovery tonight

Controversy sells, as most of us know. And for the same reason that this blog entry is being written right now, Discovery Channel is giving airtime to Ted Nugent for his special, Ted Nugent’s Gun Country, premiering tonight at 10pm ET/PT. In the one-hour special, the Motor City Madman — a famously outspoken NRA member, advocate of hunter’s rights and firearms proponent — will allow viewers an inside look at American gun culture from his perspective.

Ted Nugent’s Gun Country travels to Nugent’s Spirit Wild ranch outside Waco, Texas, to see how he and his family take maximum advantage of their Second Amendment rights, enjoying them as much as possible. “Nobody has more absolute fun with guns than my family,” the platinum-selling “Cat Scratch Fever” singer was quoted as saying. “Like millions of American families, these utilitarian tools and works of art serve us well in all manner of good, clean, legal, safe fun, recreation and competition. Our American dream is measured in ballistics.”

If that’s so, then Nugent and his family put on a thoroughly patriotic display in Ted Nugent’s Gun Country as he takes them on an outing to LaRue Tactical, a top-grade weapons manufacturer, where the guitarist will check out the new OBR PreditAR .308 rifle and get a personal lesson from military sniper trainer Todd Hodnet. Nugent will also show the thought he’s given to the weapon required to fend off an imminent zombie attack — which he might possibly suggest is a public service in anticipation of the upcoming election.

Whether you’re a card-carrying member of the NRA and 100 percent behind “the Nuge” and his gun-fun perspective as he checks out the latest artillery, or you think he’s a nut and want to see whether what he’ll say on Ted Nugent’s Gun Country might land him in jail, there’s no doubt that he and Discovery Channel will have an audience tonight.


Video: Discovery Channel


  1. Well, I really like the weapons theme but Mr Nugent was extremely dumb when he mentioned he would go naked to My country (I’m Brazilian) with only the content of his pockets (first, if you’re naked you don’t have pockets, right??) and in minutes he would be king…. well I wanna know king of what?? Who the hell is this stupid old guy talking about my country like that?? Wake up you have your little toy guns?? Yes, we brazilians have them too and we are not afraid to shoot “naked” stupid people who thing they can be “the kings”…. Believe my unfortunate “friend” you wouldn’t last a minute naked in BRAZIL…. Get smart, think before opening your stupid mouth.

  2. @jimburrows
    If you honestly think “those people” legally own any of these “sophisticated” weapons, and follow local, state, an federal firearms laws, you truly are blind and confused.

  3. Let me explain something to Mr. Nugent and his producers and agents. Using camouflaged painted African-American manikins as targets for his assassination fantasies in the backwoods might bring in a few knuckle dragging viewers, it has insulted and treatened a broad spectrum of the African-American public. And while he and his people might feel smug and safe behind their public display of armaments they should remember that many of the owners of sophisticated weaponry are African Americans.

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