“Black Ops” makes tactical move on Military Channel

They work in secrecy, but their exploits are legendary. Around the world, elite special operations units — “black ops” — carry out high-risk missions with little or no recognition. In a new series on Military Channel, premiering tonight and airing Wednesdays at 10pm ET/PT, these operatives get a bit of their due as Black Ops reveals the inside stories of some of recent history’s most dramatic military actions. And no, they’re not all American missions:

“City Under Siege” (Oct. 10) Mumbai, 2008. In a siege of terrorist attacks, more than 170 people were killed in shootings or bomb blasts across the city, and the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel was set on fire. With chaos spreading like a cancer, it was up to the Black Cats — India’s elite counter-terrorism unit — to stop it.

“Night of Terror” (Oct. 17) A group of 40 Chechen terrorists, armed with guns and explosives, held 800 people hostage in a theater, compelling Russian anti-terrorist force Spetsnaz group “Alfa” to get them out alive. With neither an assault nor negotiation among their options, an untested and top-secret knockout gas was these black ops’ only option.

“Taking Down bin Laden” (Oct. 24) It’s understandably one of the most famed black ops missions of all time — the taking down of al-Qaeda’s leader. Nearly 10 years after the trail for Osama bin Laden went cold, CIA information tracked down a senior figure in al-Qaeda inside a compound in Pakistan. Under the orders of President Obama, members of elite group SEAL Team 6 are handpicked to carry out this daring mission to get the world’s most wanted man.

“Assault on al-Qaeda” (Oct. 31) Though not as high-profile as bin Laden, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was America’s most wanted man in Iraq, responsible for numerous bombings, decapitations and other attacks. And in the wake of the U.S. invation and subsequent civil unrest, his attempts at stirring unrest were most successful. But with the activation of black ops task force JSOC and the initiative of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, al-Zarqawi’s days were numbered.
Credit: Military Channel

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