Olivia Holt in “Girl Vs. Monster,” new Disney original

It’s monsters, music and mayhem for Olivia Holt who stars in Disney Channel’s new original movie Girl Vs. Monster premiering Friday, October 12 at 8pm ET/PT. Fighting monsters? No problem. That’s according to the multitalented, 15-year-old Olivia Holt, who has busied her young life with a variety of challenges from competitive cheerleading and gymnastics to her more recent successes in acting and singing. The Disney XD Kickin’ It star puts her martial arts series on hold and picks up some funny gadgets to fight off monsters in Disney Channel’s new original movie Girl vs. Monster.

Olivia Holt stars in "Girl vs. Monste" the new Disney Channel original movieIn the movie, Holt stars as Skylar, a confident teen with a powerful singing voice, who disregards her parents’ wishes on staying home on Halloween night, and instead ventures out to sing at a party. Unknowingly, she unleashes a monster that is determined to change the fate of her family forever.

“She has no idea she’s a fifth-generation monster hunter,” Holt says of her character, who is then challenged to understand her family’s background on battling monsters and preserving their family legacy.

“What I love about the movie is that it is so kid-friendly, yet at the same time it has this suspense to it,” Holt says. “There’s also a message on overcoming your fears that runs through it [relating to my character’s] fear of monsters. Another thing I love about the movie is that it’s so many genres — sci fi with action and romance — it’s just so great.”

The film, though far from being a musical, has some pop-rock numbers interspersed throughout, including three numbers that Holt sings — a solo, “Fearless”;  “Nothing’s Going to Stop Us”; and “Had Me @Hello,” a duet with costar Brendan Meyer that is featured during the final scene of the movie.

“Singing is my first love, so being able to do both in this film was so great,” Holt says.

Watch the trailer for Girl vs. Monster on Disneychannel.com.


  1. she is the best girl ever i cant wait to c her new movie its going to be the est movie ever that the can mack cant wait

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