Louis C.K. announces extended hiatus, says “Louie” will return to FX in 2014

Riding high off his big win at the Emmys, comedian Louis C.K. told reporters Tuesday that FX has granted him his request for an “extended hiatus” for his series Louie, meaning that the show will return in spring 2014.

FX president John Landgraf joined the star on the call, saying he was perfectly happy to allow C.K. the time he needed to “just live” and creatively recharge his batteries for Season 4. C.K. heaped praise on the network for allowing him total creative freedom — he writes, produces, directs and edits the series largely himself — and says he wants to make sure the show stays fresh and doesn’t become a case of just “making the doughnuts.”

Pointing to his larger plans, C.K. said that he would love to do nine seasons of the show, consisting of three trilogies made up of three seasons each.

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