Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo on the road, visits Bakersfield, Hotel Padre, Nashville

Theresa Caputo made a major road trip (without Larry!) in this week’s special episode Long Island Medium On the Road. As evidenced by our blog, Caputo gets thousands of requests for readings both in state and out, however, this time around she made house calls to a handful of unsuspecting fans.

Long Island Medium On The Road Theresa Caputo takes a road trip in a special edition of the TLC seriesFirst stop was Maine, where a mother named Angie and her young son Ben were more than surprised to see Theresa at their doorstop. “I love you Theresa. I love you,” Angie gushed, between thanking her friend for arranging the visit. Angie and Ben suffered a devastating loss in 2011 when their perfectly healthy husband/father, Steve, drowned in a triathlon.

Angie smiled as she told Theresa how her husband would ridicule her for watching Theresa’s show, believing none of the show is real. But that never phases her, Theresa immediately connected with spirit and described to them a man flexing his muscles and asking her to “guess how old I am.” Both Angie and Ben knew it was Steve confirming this with their personal stories. “Do you always carry a picture of your dad? Do you have a folder of him?” Jaws drop and Angie runs to get Ben’s school folder that has him taped to the front of it. In a very moving exchange, Theresa tearfully tells Ben that “Your dad is very proud of you. He makes me feel like something big happened to you today and you came out on top and you won.  … Did they put a medal around your neck today, because that was your dad’s hands? He says he knows how much love me.”

Theresa also was able to tell Angie that Steve was OK with her selling their home and moving on with their lives, and that he still has his sense of humor. Angie asked Theresa to ask him if he now believes in mediums. Theresa laughed and said,  “No.”

Next stop was Nashville, where Theresa connects with a woman named Tory while waiting for their luggage. “Who is the young male that passed? How do you connect with five?” Tory tells her that she lost her son when she was five months pregnant, five years ago. Theresa explained how he knew that she held him and there was nothing she could have done to prevent this. The woman, completely shocked and moved, was thankful and relieved with the message. “This is exactly why I left Long Island, so I can give peace and comfort like this,” Theresa said, as she clumsily gathered her luggage and headed out in her heels (giving SNL ample more footage to work with).

She then headed to Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, where a man named Brian requested a reading for his wife Dina. Theresa said she had no idea who died, “All I know is that they are huge fans of mine.” [All of these surprise guests being wealthy enough to afford her, at least by the appearances of their homes]

Here viewers learned that Brian’s sister Terry, who Dina was extremely close with, passed away several years ago. Both women were fighting breast cancer but Dina, who was diagnosed with a more aggressive stage than Terry, was the one to survive and beat it and held a lot of guilt and regret for not being able to comfort Terry more during their struggles. When Brian tried to share some of information with Theresa, she was quick to stop him: “Let spirit do the work.” Theresa had arrived at their home before Dina and sat nervously in their kitchen waiting for her.

Dina was more than shocked to see Theresa waiting in her kitchen. “Oh my God. Is this happening? Are you here?” She agreed to sit down with her for a reading, where Theresa jotted on a notepad “sister, friend, cousin, Michigan.” Theresa said she also sensed a lot of guilt, everything of which Dina was able to validate. Theresa told Dina that Terry wanted her to remember her healthy before they got sick. Theresa told Dina that it was Terry who was not suppose to survive, as it allowed her to embrace her life. “My soul opted for quality over quantity,” Theresa shared the message, and truly, that it was her brother [Brian] who would not have been able to survive without Dina. Theresa told Dina she was given a beautiful and amazing gift, now it was up to her to embrace a life burden free.

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo at a nail salon in Bakersfield, CaliforniaNext stop was California, where she stopped to get those obnoxious nails of hers primped. [In Jersey, nail salons and manicurists are at like every corner.] “Back in Long Island, these things are registered,” Theresa said of her nails. As she was “cheating” on her Long Island manicurist, she pointed to another woman in the salon and asked about her brothers and how she connected with the number three. The woman visibly uncomfortable would later explain, she had three brothers, of who were deceased. “One brother takes responsibility for his death … who is the mother figure on the other side, she actually took blankets and wrapped that around them.” Theresa further elaborated and the woman was left in amazement.

The real creep factor came later in the episode during Theresa’s stay at Hotel Padre in Bakersfield where she was visited by a little girl while asleep. “I was visited by this little girl who apparently died in this hotel. I would wake up and write things down,” Theresa said. Theresa showed a tablet with several pages of notations on it  — died young, not a good life, talking about fire, my handprint. Theresa explained the girl as being fidgety and standing there at that moment fidgeting with her hands. [Now, keep in mind, the Hotel Padre is widely known for being haunted so I’m sure it was no coincidence that Theresa’s team selected this hotel for her stay.] Here Theresa said the spirits shared that: “People think we haunt but we like it here, we run around the hallway and just sing.” Theresa asked the staff if pots fall for no reason. The staff confirmed complaints of door handles jingling for no reason, and said that there was a big fire and a lot of people tragically passed years ago. When Theresa mentioned the handprint of the little girl, a staff member appeared surprised and escorted Theresa to a spot where the print was located. “They tried to fill it in with a darker color,” the woman shared. “It will be removed and it will show up the next day.” Theresa told them that she sees the little girl running over to the spot and putting her hand there. Apparently, the children just wanted to thank the owners for letting them stay there. Alrighty then, I know I’ll take a pass on the Hotel Padre my next stay in Bakersfield.

Then it was on to the real reason Theresa was in Bakersfield, and that was to meet with a woman named Angela who was grieving the loss of her 16-year-old daughter Mikayla, who shot herself. The surprise meeting was arranged by the mother/grandmother of the deceased. Angela explained that her daughter was a straight-A student,  never was depressed, didn’t leave a note or anything to help her make sense of this. “I don’t feel it was very well planned,” Theresa told her, before learning any details. She elaborated that the spirit was telling her: “I had a beautiful life. I did one frickin’ stupid thing.” Theresa explained that the spirit took white doves and held them in her hands. “She is with God and it’s very important for you to know that.” And then left her mother with one final message ” …Mom know my soul hasn’t left you.” A message this woman desperately needed to hear.  And with that, Theresa’s job was done and she headed back to Long Island.


  1. Hello – There is another Rene’e Sharkey on your website and now I can’t get into my password to get on your fanclub that I am registered on to see when you will be coming on T.V. fo Season 4? XOXO

  2. Hi Teresa my name is Esmeralda and im trying to seek closer for mt mother. As a little girl my mother didnt know what it was to be have the unconditional love of a mother. Mother was always told that her mother past and conversations about her mother have always been cut short. My mother has never been given any proof of my grandmothers death nor an explination. When I ask my mother how old she was when she was told her mother past she said she was ten. I asked my mother if she remembers her and she says she has no memory of her mother. Teresa please help me get closure for my mother if her mother has realy past or anyone else in that matter. Thank u for ur time.

  3. Dearest Theresa, I so wish you would come visit me. I lost a loved one and really wanted to get a chance to communicate with at least two of them. It trouobles me that I did not get to say goodbye as they passed so fast and unexpectedly. Thak you for putting yourself out there where others can experience your good work. I so wish I could come to you but money, or lack of money, will not allow this. You make my week when I get to see you do your thing. God Bless you and keep up the wonderful work you do. Sincerely, Crystal Griffieth


  5. Hello Theresa,

    First, I am a huge fan of your show and your gift…and maybe just a little envious…I have experienced some supernatural incidents but not sure how to develop this skill. Theresa, I have lost loved ones who have made special connections with me since their passing. Of course, my wish is to enjoy a session with you so my loved ones can come through…it will be such a blessing and honor to meet you for a reading!!!

    I look forward so much to meeting you!


  6. Hi Theresa, i know you have so many people on your list to do, but my family we have had it rough this year. We had lost our grandmother (Moana) in july this year on our mothers birthday, and then our 29 year old sister, Matala, just 3 weeks ago, from cancer. I personally just want to know if they are both together, okay, not suffering, and if they are watching over not only me but my siblings and parents as well. I wish i can talk to them right now but I cant. Its driving me insane not hearing them talk no more and not having their presence with us anymore. I do come from a very large family, my grandparents having 10 kids, then us being 42 grandkids, 28 great grandkids and 1 great great grandchild. Its so heartbreaking for all of us to see that we still have our grandpa with us, having us see him so depressed missing our grandma and our sister makes heartbroken. I need to know if they are looking out for us, and WHY did she have to take our sister this time? I miss the both of them dearly. Please Help Me! Thank You, and Stay Blessed, you and your family.

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