Thelma Madine is back in “Little Shop of Gypsies” Thursdays on TLC

little shop of gypsies

Good news My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding fans — British dressmaker Thelma Madine and her loyal clientele of gypsy and traveller women are back in the four-episode TLC series Little Shop of Gypsies, once again narrated by Ellen K.

And this time, Madine is teaching the ladies to make the dresses themselves.

Having built her business from scratch following the collapse of her first marriage, Madine is an ardent supporter of a woman’s right to manage her own life. With that in mind, she decides to expand the Nico staff by adding ten new employees with no resumes or employment experience at all — eager young traveller women who are looking to buck their cultures’ traditions and enter the workforce.

Putting her charges through an exacting training program, Madine hopes to give them an opportunity for a life beyond raising childrearing and homemaking — but the transition proves difficult. Bristling at authority and competitive with their fellow apprentices, the girls act out and face suspensions that leave Madine wondering if she’s made the right decision.

In the premiere episode, “Pin Pricks and Gypsy Tricks,” Thelma begins the search for her 10 new trainees. Once the chosen girls start work, chaos ensues and Thelma must act fast before her noble experiment collapses before it barely begins.

Little Shop Of Gypsies airs Thursday nights at 10/9CT on TLC beginning October 11.

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