“Capitales del Fútbol” visits the world’s great soccer cities

ESPN Deportes airs Capitales del Fútbol beginning Tuesday, Oct. 9, a documentary series that spans the globe exploring the most popular soccer cities. The series is co-produced by ESPN Deportes and Argentinian director Juan Jose Campanella’s Academy Award-winning production company 100 Bares. Each episode explores the sights, culture, clubs, players, personalities and more that make each city one of the world’s soccer meccas.

Capitales del Fútbol Schedule on ESPN Deportes
All episodes air at 7:30pm ET
Oct. 9 — Barcelona, Spain
Oct. 28 — Mexico City
Nov. 6 — Manchester, England
Nov. 20 — São Paulo, Brazil
Dec. 4 — Bogota, Colombia

New Capitales del Fútbol episodes coming in 2013:
Buenos Aires (Argentina), Madrid (Spain), Milan (Italy) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

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