“Long Island Medium” Season 3 recaps of “Beach Bonding” and “The Graduate”

Long Island Medium recaps for this week’s Season 3 episodes of “Beach Bonding” and “The Graduate,” find Theresa Caputo understanding the meaning of butterflies, readying for Victoria’s graduation and helping a dying man prepare for his death.

Long Island Medium  Season 3 recaps of "The Graduate" and "Beach Bonding"

Long Island Medium season 3 episode: “Beach Bonding”

However, first up was a little house cleaning for Theresa and Larry as the couple underwent a closet makeover. Larry Jr. provided the laughs mocking his parents for amassing a multi-generation of clothes, which he compared to a “greatest hits” collection. The couple considered the makeover one of the best things they’ve ever done, but when it came time to moving their belongings back in, Larry had no appreciation for Theresa’s methodical organization. Larry got the quick Theresa lowdown on the proper way to arrange her clothes —  by color and style where tank tops are grouped together, followed by short-sleeved shirts, sheer-sleeved shirts, long sleeves, etc. Now why wouldn’t Larry know that?

The spirits weren’t sleeping either when the remodeling was taking place. The closet remodeler, named Jamie, got a bit of a wake up call when Theresa introduced herself as a medium with a message she needed to deliver from his departed grandmother. “I feel like you lost someone very recently … Did you just lay something in front of a religious statue in memory of your grandmother? Well, she wants to thank you.” The two exchanged further validations that left Jamie’s head spinning — and, for sure, a memory of his oddest job to date.

Cameras then followed Theresa to Brooklyn for a private reading with a widow named Jen, who wished to connect with her departed husband Bruce. “I have to interrupt this reading because I’m feeling a tremendous amount of love,” Theresa told Jen, as she scribbled on a piece of paper the word “ring.” “Did you just write down ring?” an alarmed Jen asked. Jen explained how she hadn’t been wearing her wedding ring and had just put it on that day. She interpreted it as a validation that Bruce’s spirit was present. Theresa was able to communicate to Jen, in a very tearful and heartfelt reading, that her husband was with her and their children and that he supported her choices. Theresa gave her specific examples of it, as well, asking her about the significance of karate. A course she had just started their special needs son in last week and was conflicted in knowing if that was the right thing. “It was so bizarre that he said karate, so validating, so relevant,” Jen sobbed. “He just started karate last week.”

Later in a group reading, Theresa was able to provide a woman who lost both parents – her mother in 1996 and father in 2007, with some closure. “Who has the pocketbook with all the belongings still in place?” Theresa asked the crowd. A woman named Lisa responded. Theresa was able to connect a gold-leaf picture frame and went on to explain that she felt like Lisa’s parents were trying to take this opportunity to thank her for being their caretaker. “Did you have to sell your parents home? They make me feel that it was quite a burden for you,” Theresa explained. “They understand and support your decision for having to have to let go of their house.” And with that, Lisa’s burden of wondering if her parents were disappointed that she sold their home was lifted.

Butterflies were a magical gift to one mother who lost her son in a car accident and her husband not long after. Theresa explained to her that she was seeing two butterflies. The woman gasped and explained that two butterflies had been chasing her for the last few days. Gulp. “Please know that was your husband and your son,” Theresa shared. She went on to explain that her husband can’t stop crying and explained that he couldn’t do it in the real world, was so severely depressed after their son had died, and needed to thank you for how you helped him cope.

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Long Island Medium season 3 episode: “The Graduate”

In the next episode “The Graduate,” Theresa was up for some rest and relaxation. Unlike her Jersey Shore counterparts who thrive around the GTL — gym, tan, laundry — lifestyle, Theresa said she’s more about “spirit, nails, hair and feet.” So Theresa and her good friend enjoyed manicures and pedicures (her favorite colors being Lincoln Park After Dark or Midnight Holiday) while they discussed Victoria’s upcoming graduation.

Spirits weren’t on the same page when it came to relaxation time. While in the pedicure chair, Theresa was interrupted with a message from the for the person sitting next to her — a middle-aged woman named Michelle. The message was from her departed mother. “Did you fix her hair for the funeral? Or redo it,” she asked. Michelle explained that she did, telling Theresa that her mother was very vain and that she wanted to make sure she looked exactly the way she used to. “She wants to thank you for that,” Theresa said. “Your mother knows how much you sat with her, sang to her, spoke to her — never made her feel like a burden.” Michelle, deeply moved, shared that her mother couldn’t talk and was confined to a chair with Alzheimer’s  yet she would talk and sing to her as if nothing was wrong, visiting her twice a day. Theresa asked, “Are there a lot of changes in your life? Parents are acknowledging they are very happy. Are you going to Aruba or something?” A shocked Michelle confirmed many changes and that she just made plans for her destination wedding.

When it comes to private readings, Theresa explained that some people come to a reading with certain expectations and hopes, and that sometimes they just want to know what awaits them on the other side. On this particular day, Theresa’s spirit guide told her that it would be OK to talk about death.

Theresa was introduced to an older man named Robert, who had been a cancer survivor of 13 years but was recently diagnosed with an inoperable cancer. “Are you seeing or sensing your love,” Theresa asked him immediately. “Who is the J name? …Who is the brother that died? …Your mom is departed as well.” Robert, a very giving man, dedicated much of his life to helping other cancer patients and family members as they struggled with their illnesses. Many spirits were coming forward during his reading acknowledging this and thanking him for what he had done. Theresa, moved to tears, said: “This is something I don’t talk about at any of my readings. They just told me this was your dying wish.” She explained to him, “when and if that time every comes you will be greeted by loved ones, not only family, all of these people you helped. This is about you today, that is something very rare. Don’t be afraid.”

Robert said he felt more encouraged on what awaits him on the other side. “‘Now I have lines of people lining up to greet me.” Theresa thanked Robert for allowing her to experience this first, something she’s never experienced.

Thankfully, the episode transitioned to a more happier event as the Caputos got ready for Victoria’s graduation. While the show didn’t provide real footage of the actual ceremony, candid stills captured the day.

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