ESPN’s “30 for 30 Vol. II” goes for “Broke”

ESPN’s “30 for 30” sports documentary series returns on Tuesday, Oct. 2, at 8pm ET with “Broke,” a look at sports stars who’ve lost their fortunes.

ESPN’s 30 for 30 sports documentary film series returns for a second season on Tuesday, Oct. 2, at 8pm ET with Broke, an examination of sports stars who’ve lost or squandered their fortunes. Pro athletes can live large on huge contracts, but many have been sucked in to overspending and bad investments, and others have had to deal with freeloaders and expensive medical problems.

Here’s the rest of the 30 for 30 lineup for October. All air at 8pm ET.

Oct. 9:
Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson won a thrilling 100-meter men’s final at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, but scandal reigned soon after he tested positive for anabolic steroids. This new 30 for 30 documentary looks at the legacy of that race and the recollections of the other runners who competed in it.

Oct. 16:
“There’s No Place Like Home”
This 30 for 30 documentary follows one man’s quest to win James Naismith’s original rules of basketball — one of the most important historical documents in sports history — at auction and return it to Lawrence, Kan., where Naismith coached and taught for more than 40 years.

Oct. 23:
In 1984, high-school basketball star Ben Wilson was one of America’s most promising basketball prospects from Chicago’s South Side. But Wilson was senselessly murdered the day before his senior season. This 30 for 30 documentary looks back at a crime that shocked Chicago and sent ripples through the nation.

Oct. 30:
“Ghosts of Ole Miss”
This 30 for 30 documentary revisits the tumultuous events at the University of Mississippi in 1962, when racial violence over integration collided with pride and enthusiasm for an undefeated football team. Fifty years later, the effects of those events are still being felt.

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