“Too Cute!” returning to Animal Planet … and hey, kitten cam!

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For those of you who have been having to make do with periodic peeks at cuteoverload.com, the wait is nearly over. Animal Planet has announced Season 3 of its popular series, Too Cute! the first episode of which will premiere Oct. 13 at 8pm ET/PT. Eight all-new episodes featuring the pitter patter of tiny paws and the squeals of newborn critters — and in this case, we really do mean squeals. This time out, it’s not just kittens and puppies getting the Too Cute! treatment. Yep — the field has been extended for Season 3 and will feature the coming-of-age stories in the first 10 weeks of the lives of mini pigs, hedgehogs, dwarf rabbits and even a baby goat.

To celebrate the return of Too Cute! to the airwaves, Animal Planet has paired up with the Washington Animal Rescue League to give viewers round-the-clock opportunity to catch “too cute” action with the launch of its 24-hour-a-day live  Kitten Cam. Launched today, the Too Cute! Kitten Cam homes in on the frolicking activity of a new litter of adoptable kitties at the Washington Animal Rescue League, and will be available live through November.

Part of the fun of the Kitten Cam is that, in the spirit of election season, the little feline furballs will waver and wobble all over a scale replica of the nation’s “Cat-pitol” (Animal Planet’s pun, not mine) as they grow and become fat cats in the DC landscape. And, of course, since over time these kitties will be adopted, a new litter will take its place sometime in early October, starting the cycle of Too Cute!ness all over again. Information on each of the adoptable fuzzy kitties will be available at animalplanet.com/kittencam, where you’ll also be able to chat live with veterinarians, cat behaviorists and adoption specialists. So log on and start slaking your thirst for cuteness, already!