No shortage of bacon in Destination America’s new “United States of Bacon” series

Bacon lovers were in panic mode recently when news that there may be a world shortage of pork and bacon next year caused concerns over an impending “aporkalypse” (though some are saying that is just hogwash). In either case, bacon fans can soon also turn to their TV screens to get their fix (though it won’t be quite as tasty or aromatic an experience), because Destination America has greenlighted the series United States of Bacon, which premieres Sunday, Dec. 30, at 10pm ET.

Based on an episode of this past summer’s three-part series United States of Food (with the bacon special breaking out to earn phenomenal ratings for the network), the special-turned-12-episode-series will continue across the country with host Chef Todd Fisher searching for the most mouth-watering bacon creations that American kitchens have to offer.

“Bacon is undeniably, irrefutably one of the most popular foods in America. What was once a measly breakfast side dish is now the garnish du jour, as the artistic centerpiece of traditional recipes and in avant-garde pairings with ice cream, jam, and cocktails,” said Marc Etkind, SVP of Content Strategy for Destination America. “It’s no wonder bacon is in high demand, but it certainly won’t be in short supply on United States of Bacon. If only television screens were scratch and sniff!”

“As a chef, bacon is among the foods closest to my heart. But with a bacon shortage looming, my quest to taste the best dishes in America takes on national importance,” said host Fisher. “United States of Bacon is the only show on television dedicated to bacon and all of its inspired recipes, and we’re happy to be documenting them for posterity.”

In the previous special, United States of Bacon visited venues with the most popular and innovative bacon dishes in the nation. Making Fisher’s “bacon bucket list” were trail-blazing small businesses like the Bacon Bacon Truck in San Francisco and their traffic-stopping grilled cheese, which oozes bacon jam in addition to containing a few strips of the real stuff. Fisher also got a taste of bacon-wrapped hot dogs at NYC’s Crif Dogs, nibbled a bacon and chocolate ice cream sandwich at Big Gay Ice Cream, and bit into a burger at LA’s Slaters 50/50, where every patty has an even ratio of beef to bacon.

So what do you think? Will this series bring home the bacon for you?


Credit: Destination America