“Long Island Medium” Season 3 recaps “The Flying Larrys” and “My Keys Now”

Theresa Caputo wasn’t comfortable – at all – with husband and son (the Larrys) decision to try skydiving in the Long Island Medium Season 3 episode of “The Flying Larrys.” In her familiar Long Island tone, Theresa quipped, “People’s feet are made to stay on the street.”
Theresa Caputo Long Island MediumLong Island Medium
She lost that battle and the boys headed to Skydive Long Island, Theresa in tow, along with their life insurance policy “up to speed.” While Theresa believes “no mother wants their child to go skydiving,” she did try to ensure their ultimate safety. As they readied for their jump, Theresa was over the top checking tether lines, drilling the instructor on details and making Larry Sr. and Jr. both nervous and annoyed. But that’s what makes following the Caputo clan enjoyable.

Later, at a private home reading at their home, a woman named Jessica drove in from Delaware seeking closure on the passing of her young daughter. Theresa, unaware of the young mother’s intentions, immediately asked Jessica if she had a daughter who passed when she was young.

“Do you still have the nightgown she died in? Do you have a locket of her hair? Did you bury her with her blanket? Did you know that something was wrong when she was born, but she looked fine? She was telling me her lungs weren’t fully developed and her heart just stopped,” Theresa explained.

Jessica confirmed that her daughter, Payton Elizabeth, had died when she was just 24 days old, and her death was somewhat of a medical mystery.

“Tell my mom I’m not cold,” Theresa told Jessica, not realizing what that meant. Jessica explained that the morning Payton died she didn’t know how to get her warm. Jessica blamed herself for not waking up earlier and possibly being able to help save her. Theresa confirmed there was nothing she could have done to prevent this and then added the unbelievable. “She also talks about a boat,” Theresa said, and that the boat was named after Payton as a way of “daddy honoring me.” Theresa told Jessica that her daughter didn’t want Jessica to be mad at her husband for buying the boat and that this was just his way of grieving. “Your daughter gave you what you needed to hear.” [Grab your Kleenex here.]

EXTRA: Is Theresa Caputo coming to your area?

An amusing and emotional trip to Grill 454 in Commack, New York, followed, where Theresa was called in to address unusual spirit activity. Theresa was introduced to the restaurant’s manager Cyrus from Zimbabwe and owner Lenny Passarelli. As Theresa walked through the restaurant using sage and asking for any negative energy to be dismissed, Cyrus shook his head in disagreement.

“Going through the restaurant using sage with a feather — that’s a bunch of bull,” he said.  “My main concern is customers seeing this malarkey going on and they will just walk out.”

But as we know, when it comes to Theresa, skeptics usually get called out and on this particular day it was about Cyrus. Theresa asked a group of employees at the restaurant if someone was hit by a car. Cyrus explained that 14 years ago a very dear friend of his was killed in a car accident and when he moved to the U.S. he left that “road and the place where her life was lost” behind him. “Did you speak to her family?” Theresa asked him. “Just yesterday,” Cyrus confirmed (something he hadn’t done in over 10 years). Theresa told Cyrus that this was spirit as they know who she will be in contact with. She told him she didn’t suffer and validated the spirit connection by calling attention to a book with a message in it that was given to Cyrus by the parents of his deceased friend. It was enough information to make Cyrus believe that maybe mediums aren’t a bunch of malarkey.

In Season 3 episode “My Keys Now,” Theresa and Larry had second thoughts about Victoria driving after she was in two car accidents in a week span. “Who has two car accidents in one week? I think everywhere she looks is a blind spot,” Theresa said, taking Victoria’s keys from her. “I feel like I’m just protecting society now. Until she proves that she is going to drive a little safer, no keys.”

This resulted in a comedic — although a bit more staged — segment where the entire Caputo family attended a six-hour Defensive Driving Class. Larry Sr. truly was the teacher’s pet during class time and Victoria (who reminds me more and more of Meadow Soprano provided the snarky commentary). Theresa struggled with dealing multiple spirits, explaining when 10 or 15 people are in a room that “equals like 100 or 150 spirits,” and the loudest one typically prevails. During a classroom break, Theresa announced herself as a medium and asked the group who lost a sister or best friend. A young girl named Brittany who lost her best friend, also named Brittany, stepped forward. Theresa validated the spirit connection by acknowledging that Brittany carried a picture of her best friend in her bag. “I feel like someone was in an accident and walked away from it, she shows me a car completely mangled and you walked away from that,” Theresa said. Brittany explained she was in a different accident where the car was totaled but she was unscratched. “This is her way of acknowledging that she protected and saved you.” I’m sure that shot her concentration for the remaining portion of class.

Later in the episode, Theresa had a private reading with a woman named Renee, who lost her dear friend Andrew. Theresa asked: “Who is the young person who passed and you sang at their funeral? … Did you write a song about him? … Do some people think he took his life?” Theresa told Renee that Andrew’s passing wasn’t intentional, Theresa said he was giving signs as if he needed to veer off the road or fell asleep while driving. “He actually just leaned over and kissed you and said he’s sorry for leaving you…. Did you just get the chills? That was him.” Theresa said Andrew was at peace learning lessons on the other side.

Then it was on to another group reading where typically one spirit stands out more than the others, this time a message needed to be delivered to Andrea, a 25-year-old who lost her mother. Theresa immediately approached Andrea with a message from her departed mother who died at age 42. Apparently, Andrea’s mother was up to speed on her current relationship with her boyfriend, as well  as, Andrea’s struggles on determining if she should move in with him or not. Theresa told Andrea about this and that her mother supported the decision and would be with her the day “she says I do.” Theresa said her mother was still upset that her daughter had to grow up without her, and thanked Andrea’s stepmom Tina (also present) for “always loving and respecting my daughter. …You will make sure she has the most amazing wedding.” Yikes, Tina better deliver on that one! As for Andrea, it was a life-changing event.


  1. Theresa,
    After watching the show that aired on 10/20/13 I was fantazing that you and I were sitting at my dining room table. For real my father came up behind me and put his arms around me. My father died when I was 7 yrs. old.. I was always told that he was not a very nice person and only cared about himself.
    For years I’ve struggled with the fact that my father did not love me and was very angry that he left me. Can you please help me with my questions?
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Christine Luppold

  2. If you would like to test my gift just send me a photo of someone and I will e-mail you something about the person.

    Thank you…
    Jennie Irons

  3. Hi Theresa, my name is Jennie Irons, I live in Tennessee. I have a simular gift, however, mine is not as happy as yours. I see the good side of people’s passing, but I see more of the bad side. That is why I try and block mine out (which is impossible). One example is while I was watching your show and you talked about the young man that died in the subway. I know you seen more to his death than you told the parents that day, Why? I see a rabbit’s foot in your past, would love to speak to you if you could find the time to call me. I am a 50 year old grandmother and I am working on my associates degree, so I am very harmless. I am very confused with my gift and I really see that you are the real deal. I love your show and if you could call or e-mail me I would deeply appreciate it! If not I understand, thank you and God Bless…Jennie Irons

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