Abby Lee Miller fights back: Christi Lukasiak exploits daughter Chloe

Lori Acken

Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller has a few choice words for her most outspoken client and costar, Christi Lukasiak — and they came through my inbox this afternoon.

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In a tersely worded e-mail that my Dance Moms-watching partner in crime Hubby Rik officially decreed “the most awesome email in the history of email” — Abby, when I spoke with you recently and told you he would happily leave me to be your manservant, I meant it — Miller presents her side of the ongoing battle with which DM fans are all too familiar, and gives intriguing perspective on what really goes on when the cameras are off. And why the way she’s represented in my blogs and others may be so much bull pucky. Maybe.

Here is the unedited missive:

“Ms. Acken – please write about Christi Lukasiak pimping her daughter Chloe out to make a quick buck. Check out her umpteenth Meet & Greet somewhere in upstate NY the first weekend in October – and don’t forget to bring your $106.00 to meet them! That’s the price you and 500 others will pay to spend an hour chatting with Chloe! I think you get a T-shirt which cost five dollars

I’m not the bad guy – I’ve been teaching dance for 32 years. Chloe has been my student since she was 2 1/2 years old… it was a goal for her to appear on the cover of our Annual Dance Concert Program – this year she wanted paid! If Chloe didn’t continually miss class and come late and leave early she would be an amazing dancer, or should I say the dancer I could create. Her mother’s constant negative remarks about me personally, and my craft have taken a toll on the child. Chat with any of the ALDC Faculty members and they will tell you just how much Chloe has changed since the show started! 

Don’t miss the new show Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition! I’m sure Christie will have her nose out of joint over this one!

Deepest Regards,
Abby Lee Miller
Owner/ Director
Reign Dance Productions
7123 Saltsburg Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15235

Now you know. And boy, oh boy, now I know, too.

Don’t miss part two of the Dance Moms reunion show Tuesday night at 9/8CT on Lifetime. Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition premieres Tuesday, October 9 at 9/8CT, also on Lifetime.  Check back next week for my exclusive interview with Abby Lee Miller about Abby’s Ultimate and more on how she really feels about the Dance Moms.

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  1. Chloe is treats like dirt, and seems to accept Abby|s appalling behavior like a nature adult. Goofy looking Maddie never looks happy if someone else wins. And Melissa is a lying, insecure jerk!

  2. I love how Abby says Christi is “pimping out” her daughter. If that is the case, Abby is pimping out the entire team for the show, etc

  3. My 6 year old daughter an I watch this show. Its upsetting how the girls get treated the way they do. Abbey pits girl against girl. We feel sorry for them.

  4. I am glad Chloe’s little sister is at another studio. Abby teaches because she can not dance. At age 14, her mom told her that. She is so jealous of the talent & natural God given grace of Chloe, that she will never treat her fairly. Abby decides who gets privates & who gets which dances & music. She gives Maddie the extras, maybe she feels they are needed, turns the other kids down & saves music for Maddie. Maddie is a cute girl & a good dancer but there are dancers on the internet, some 7 yrs old, who dance rings around Maddie. But if those children were in Abby’s class, she would squelch them to promote Maddie. One day a real teacher will take Chloe places Abby can only dream of going. What an ugly E mail about a child from Abby. I bet Melissa framed it

    • Christy, if you think that a real teacher will take Chloe places Abby can only dream of going, then what are you still doing at Abby’s?

    • Thank you Abby only treats Chloe like dirt. Like I’m one of the episodes called one solo. When Chloe finally won? She was like I can’t believe she won. Like where’s the support . You say you want the best for all the girls you just want the best for Maddie. Also in that episode Maddie and Chloe went up against each other and Chloe won. Then abby went to the judges and they realized they did something wrong . But why would you do that anyways that wasn’t the adult thing to do. Your her dance teacher your supposed to be happy for her. In my mind Chloe is a better dancer than Maddie, and Chloe would prove it if she had the same amount of privates as Maddie. And Maddie’s Chloe so called friend when she wasn’t even happy when Chloe won like come on you always win be happy that your friend won . And Melissa acts like it doesn’t bother her, like bye! You know you care.

  5. I love how to the Christi fanbots that constantly respond to any criticism of Christi — she is a mother who ‘knows whats best for her daughter’. Yet, she continues taking her daughter to a teacher that she hates passionately and whom she continually says is a useless choreographer who is past her prime.

  6. Wow, that’s a really hateful email. However, having said that, I do think Christi is all about self-promotion and public relations. While I’m absolutely not a fan of Melissa’s, she has pretty much remained the same through all the seasons. I think Christi, on the other hand, has really changed the way she “allows” herself to be portrayed as the show has gone on. In Season One, she was a complete mess and I thought she was often very toxic in her dealings with Chloe. She still blows up at the other adults, but usually under the guise of championing the other dancers and/or mothers. And when interacting with Chloe we get a kindler, gentler version of Christi, where she is the most calm, loving and supportive mother around and never puts any pressure on her daughter to win. And guess what? Now she’s the fan favorite and gets alot of sympathy and support. Maybe it’s just me, but I think she took a hard look at how she came across in Season One and decided to make some serious changes in order to improve her image.

    To a somewhat lesser extent, I think Holly is guilty of this as well. Doesn’t anyone else remember how irrational she constantly was throughout the first season? Since then, she’s tried to re-make herself into the voice of reason.

    I know how fake this “reality” show seems at times, but with Christi and Holly 2.0 & 3.0, I don’t think it’s just editing, I think it’s self-awareness.

  7. gotta love how abby attacks chrisi when Melissa is doing the same thing in Baltimore on the same day! I have no ill will towards Melissa tbh I’m just pointing out that it’s not just christi and besided Holly, Nia, Kelly, Paige and Brooke are at that meet and greet as well and it’s only $40 not $100… i’m not even convinced the e-mail is authentic. it’s soo easy to post fake things like this online these days

    • I agree with this, but it’s okay for Melissa to do it because she makes Abby a part of it. Maddie and Mackenzie are the little stars to which Abby will attach her own name and say she made them. The other mothers won’t allow that.

  8. this is so untrue! why would abby mis spell christi’s name??? oh and also, they don’t get paid to be on the show, so try doing your homework before you post crap next time.

    • They DO get paid to be on Dance Moms because they’re on TV. Everyone on reality shows gets paid. Do YOUR homework.

      • They are not allowed to compete if they are paid to dance on tv. If they got paid, they would be considered professionals, and that is not allowed at competitions. Do your homework!!!!!

  9. Everyone on this show is in it for the money, that’s why they are on the show; I don’t begrudge anyone that, but Abby is also saying that Chloe habitually misses classes, comes in late and leaves early. Christi is constantly critizing Abby about her decisions regarding the dancers (picking Maddie over Chloe), I’d pick the kid thats going to be there to dance not the one who’s so busy with meet & greets that she might miss the competition.

    • i disagree, christi loves fans and is letting them meet chloe, because she understands how bad it feels to meet someone so bad… now im not sure if you’re a mother or not, but christi knows whats best for her daughter NOT YOU so leave the family alone

  10. This is great! Bring it on Abby! Although, what’s wrong with capitalizing on a good thing? Abby, Kristi, Chloe and the rest of thsee moms and dancers should milk this thing for as long as they can!!! This show would suck if there wasn’t any cat fighting

  11. What bull!!! Melissa Gisoni, Zeigler, whatever name she is using, has been pimping her daughters out LONG before Christi began doing meet and greets. Chloe and Christi are likely the most loved among fans. Look at Christi’s tweeter. People are always asking her to come to their town. The high price was only for Chloe’s private party! Again, Miller blames Christi and Chloe for what “casting couch” Melissa has been doing from the start.

  12. How does she NOT see the hypocrisy in her words? I mean, she’s all grouching about Christi and her attempts to get Chloe in the public eye, YET she ends this email with a more self-promotion than Christi could ever dream up. wow. Talk about denial….

  13. For those of you asking, this is not my interview with Abby Lee for her new show Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. I will be posting that next week closer to the Oct. 9 premiere of the show.

  14. Well, Miss Lori, what is this all about! Sometimes I think these histrionics are just a ploy so the unsuspecting public will watch the show and we are being played by the best of them! Lest Ms. Miller forget, the show is called Dance MOMS! I have no interest in her new show because I will not get to see the moms and the kids! They ALL, including Abby, as a group, keep me watching! And watching Chloe grow and succeed as a performer is what I want to watch! And she did just that at Nationals! She fought through the doubt and the anxiety and the ridiculous tryout for the solo then nailed it and won!
    I have gone to several meet and greets with the Dance Moms and the kids here in California and never paid a dime! There are items for sale, if you want them, otherwise the girls and moms are gracious and pose with countless fans, for FREE!
    I was a cheer mom for way too many years to count and in the end it was a lovely experience. I am hoping that Christi and Chloe will be able to say the same thing when all is said and done. And, truth be told, if the moms were to leave and go to another show, I would definitely watch them!
    As always, you are the best, Lori, and I look forward to many more blogs about the Dance Moms, wherever they go!

  15. Wow Lori you’re famous! The $100 ticket price was for a “private party.” I wonder what Abby thinks about Maddie’s “birthday party” tickets? Plus they’re $40 for meet and greets. I guess Chloe’s private parties cost 60% more than Maddie’s private parties. Is it the price of the ticket she’s upset about? I don’t know why Abby thinks this is news to Dance Moms fans. Christi has over 200k followers on Twitter. Who does she think buys the tickets?

  16. It is the Queen Mother of emails nasty writer sister! 🙂 Proud of you – thats what you write for – responses, be it from the readers or the subjects. I’ve been a dance mom since before it was “cool” to be a dance mom – this my 14th year and while I do believe all dance studios have some struggles and their fair share of stage moms, this, and Ms. Miller, are out of control. Sad they are making money at it – should just teach dance. Period. 5 minutes of that show are fingernails on a blackboard for me. And Ms. Miller anybody who pays the entry fee can get into damn near any competition anywhere in the country. They, like you, are in it for the money. Thankfully our girls have fun at it so it is worth it for us, and certainly not every weekend. Thats ridiculous.

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