“Ladies and Gentlemen … Marie Osmond” intros Hallmark’s new host

Marie Osmond is on the cusp of a new adventure. Finally hosting her own series, Marie, on Hallmark Channel as of Oct. 1, she’s ready to take on the latest challenge going into her fifth decade in show business. But before she does, she hits Hallmark Channel tonight at 9pm ET/PT with the premiere of an introductory special, Ladies and Gentlemen … Marie Osmond, describing what it’s like, exactly, to live her life. As she opens her life to the public and invites America into her onscreen living room, Osmond is excited and understandably a little nervous.

“I believe you have to have some kind of nerve or you really shouldn’t be doing it,” Osmond qualifies. “I’ve always said that — I don’t care if you’re getting on a Broadway stage, or if you’re in Las Vegas, or if you’re performing at the Olympics, or whatever it is. You need to have some kind of nerve. I think if you lose those, you should quit. So yes, I’m very — I’d call it very excited.”

Ladies and Gentelmen … Marie Osmond is a one-hour special that goes behind the scenes of her life, interviewing friends such as Betty White, Celine Dion, Penn & Teller and George Wallace, as well as her brother Donny and others in her family. “We just finished doing my brother’s 50th anniversary — this year will be Donny’s and my 50th anniversary of working in this business,” she says. “Our show right now is the No. 1 show voted in Las Vegas by The Las Vegas Journal. … I don’t know how much longer we’ll be here — it’s kind of tough to do both the shows. But I’m telling everybody, ‘Come to Vegas. Catch it — 2012; end of the world.’”

Viewers can also expect some musical performances in tonight’s special. Ladies and Gentlemen … Marie Osmond will feature a tribute to America’s men and women in the services, as well as duets with Donny, Broadway showtunes and other pop hits. Osmond will also pay tribute to her son Michael with her rendition of “Pie Jesu.”

It’s been a long and often difficult road for Marie Osmond, but she’s maintained her signature positive outlook through it and is thankful to have this chance for a new beginning. “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time,” she says. “It’s just one of those things I’ve accomplished. [I’ve] been so blessed in my life.”


Credit: Hallmark Channel