“Long Island Medium” recaps “Help Me” and “The Princess and Her Prom”

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo reminds us again that life is about family and friends and cherishing those moments with them, a simple and often taken-for-granted thing that her show loudly reminds us of. In this Long Island Medium recap of Season 3 episodes “Help Me” and “The Princess and Her Prom,” Theresa hires an assistant, helps several families in their healing process and gets Victoria off to her senior prom.

It’s honestly amazing Theresa’s gone this long without an assistant, but that changed in last night’s episode, “Help Me.” It took a bit of convincing, but Theresa eventually talked Larry into the idea that she needed an assistant (and not him) to help her with answering the phones and booking appointments.

“It’s becoming overwhelming. I’m falling apart,” she shared. While semiretired Larry offered his talents, Theresa politely took a pass (confessing to cameras that he can’t even answer his own phone, let alone hers). “I’ve got enough Larry in my life. I want to keep business and pleasure separate.”

So, instead, the duo sat down for some one-on-one interviews with candidates. Larry proved to be the most experienced and professional in the process, as Theresa focused primarily on what she believed to be the most important things — like favorite shoes and fashion. But that’s Theresa, right!? Who cares about the college they attended or their GPA? Certainly not Theresa, who ended up hiring a sensitive Joey, who cried during both interviews.

Although Joey cried during both interviews — once because his deceased mother came through during the interview, the second time when he found out he got the job — Theresa definitely felt like she had a connection with him. We’ll see as the season goes on.

A few Theresa-on-the-town tearjerkers followed. While shopping for hairspray, Theresa had a spiritual interruption. Theresa connected the spirit of a deceased hair stylist with a young woman who the deceased considered as a daughter. Theresa explained to the shocked woman that it was her spirit and she was OK and at peace. The spirit wanted the woman to know that she heard everything (although unconscious) and knew she was by her side when she was dying.

The next spirit interruption occurred at a local restaurant, where Theresa paced the restaurant and then signaled out Joe from Hicksville, who’s mother was departed. Theresa told Joe that his mother wanted him to know that she loved him. Theresa asked Joe why his mother was so concerned about furniture. Goosebumps spread as the family explained the unbelievable connection, just having left the storage unit where all of her furniture was stored. OK, so how could Theresa possibly have known that? Theresa told Joe that her mother said that there’s “nothing wrong with that chair.” They laughed knowing exactly what she was referencing. Theresa told him how his mother knows he prays for her everyday with her prayer book and rosary, and concluded with a message of thanks. Theresa told Joe that his mother knew he put his life on hold to care for her, yet she never thanked him. On that day, Joe got his thanks.

A private reading with Dan and Helen was the most emotional of the night. At their house Theresa was able to connect with their recently departed son who chose to reach out to their oldest son Daniel. Theresa validated the spiritual connection by asking Daniel about the significance of his shoes and an iPod. Daniel affirmed it was real and shared how we recently found his brother’s iPod and how it hadn’t worked for years and now it does. Theresa also called Daniel out telling him his brother doesn’t want him to “self medicate.” The distraught family found peace in the message. “A weight is lifted off my shoulders,” Daniel shared.

In “The Princess and Her Prom” episode, cameras followed the Caputo house as Victoria, in her stunning golden gown, got ready for her senior prom. While getting alterations, Theresa shared a message with a seamstress (Elizabeth) who lost her husband four years ago. She validated the spirit’s presence when she told Elizabeth about the love letters that were written in Italian that she still kept. Elizabeth told Theresa how she felt her husband’s spirit was still with her. “Your husband just leaned over and kissed you — he’s never left you,” Theresa told her.

A private reading brought peace to a woman who lost her sister. Theresa asked if she had a unique laugh. “She has this crazy unique laugh, that’s all I hear. Do you know how much energy that takes for them to make me hear that unique laugh?” Theresa asked. “She says this is how I want you to remember me.” Theresa went on to explain that the spirit took a medication bottle and threw it against a wall: “That’s my symbol for medication wasn’t working or maybe she wasn’t taking it.” Theresa then told the woman that her deceased sister was sorry that her mother found her and wanted her to pass along her apology.


  1. Hi my name is beatriz and I need some closer my brother died last month and I need your help cause I feel that he is not at peace I watch your show and you are an inspiration to me. Please help I have faith in you.

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