“Iceberg Hunters” premiere Tuesday on The Weather Channel

On Tuesday, Weather Channel will premiere Iceberg Hunters, the latest installation in its “Braving the Elements” series, and one that could give you a whole new level of respect for that bottle of water you’re never without — or the shot of vodka in your favorite libation.

The series follows the adventures of the Richards family — sporters of the world’s most endearingly curious dialect — who make their living in “Iceberg Alley,” the stretch of the northern Atlantic off the coast of Newfoundland where enormous bergs of the ultra-pure ice coveted by water bottlers and vodka distilleries drift down from the Arctic Circle.

Whyman Richards, 54, is the captain of the Cape Richard, the 38-foot boat he built from scratch with his brother, Dale. A lifelong fisherman by trade, Whyman decided to expand his horizons to harvesting ice for a local water bottler and is proud of his dangerous vocation.

Dale Richards, 48, is Whyman’s brother whose job is to break down icebergs into smaller chunks with his rifle, then operate the crane that hauls the pieces out of the sea.

Travis Richards, 33, is Whyman’s eldest son, who left the family’s small Newfoundland town to study interior design. With a flexible schedule, Travis decides it’s time to learn the family trade and discovers that a college education will only get you so far when an iceberg is looming and you’re the new guy on the boat.

On the series premiere, “It’s a Good Day for Huntin’ Bergs,” the Cape Richard crew are hampered by forgotten equipment, fog and conflicting ideas about the best way to shoot an icerberg.

Check out preview videos here, then tune into Iceberg Hunters, Tuesdays at 9/8CT on The Weather Channel.

Photos: Weather Channel


  1. Saw this show for the first time tonight. Either this show is a total lie as far as “reality” is concerned, or the Richards family who own and crew the Captain Richard, are the most inept, let me be blunt stupid people yet who have yet graced the TV market with such an array of outlandish ideas. The episode I watched dealt with a broken fan belt. To a professional fisherman not having rudimentary parts like belts on board would be like not having a propeller. Even the shows scriptwriters should have come up with a better “emergency” than that. I mean common guys, give your audience more to absorb as far as drama is concerned. I wouldn’t go on a harbor cruise with those yahoos much less than out in the open ocean. As I write they wasted 5 minutes on eating egg sandwiches with pickles on them! Okay so I get the idea of finding 3 people who don’t mind making total fools of themselves, doing stupid stunts to keep us entertained while trying to be likeable. Unfortunately, making me feel sad and uncomfortable watching them embarrass themselves with just about everything they, do but getting paid to do it, is the only reality in this show.

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