Dr. Phil hosts Trayvon Martin family on Friday episode (video)

This Friday, the parents of  Trayvon Martin, the unarmed Florida teen who was fatally shot by self-appointed neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, will appear on Dr. Phil to respond to Tuesday’s season-premiere interview with Mark and Sondra Ostermann, close friends of the man who killed their son.

Trayvon’s father Tracy Martin, his mother Sabrina Fulton and his 21-year-old brother Jahvaris will share how they are coping six months after the tragedy — and seek Dr. Phil’s advice on how to best move forward while honoring the memory of their son. They’ll also reveal their response to George Zimmerman’s recent apology and whether they would be willing to speak with him in person if given the chance — plus the one thing they’d like the public to know most about Trayvon.

“They’re left with the questions about what should they or could they have done to prevent this,” says Dr. Phil of the episode.  “They’re trying to make sense out of this tragic loss and they’re lost.”

“There’s a part of me that’s angry with myself for not being there at that precise moment — not being able to stand in front of the gun and take the bullet for him,” a tearful Tracy Martin tells Dr. Phil in a preview clip released to the press.

“You do need to give this a voice,” the doctor tells Sabrina. “To keep this inside and isolate yourself and internalize yourself from — it is so dangerous.” He also assures viewers that it is OK to speak about tragedy with, and offer a kind word to, survivors rather than assume they’d rather not revisit it.

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Video: CBS Television Distribution/Peteski Productions.


  1. Amen to that @unique he was told not to persistent him and to let the real police handle it not some gun weilding physcopath racist im a mother of 7 he would have been hunted down just pike he did that poor child

  2. I think it was totally uncalled for glorifying a kid who didn’t listen to direction from a security guard. If he had things most likely would have ended differently. Thank you.

    • Dear Kris I personally think you are a worthles POS and you are probably not a parent yourself. First of all get your fucking story straight, George Zimmerman was not a damn security he was simply part of the neighborhood watch group. AND on top of that his ugly ass was off duty that night. Second of all i think its uncalled for your dumb ass to stick up for a man who didnt listen to direction from the damn police! They told his ugly ass not to follow that boy and he did it anyway with his ugly ass. Last time I checked Trayvon or nobody else needs permission to go to the store and buy whatever they please. You are worthless and I hope George Zimmerman gets the chair. Had it been MY CHILD I would have already had is fat, slouchy, ugly, racist, pig head ass killed!

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