Katie Couric guest list includes E.L. James, Raffaele Sollecito, Lopez

The official Katie Couric guest list for the first week of her new talk show Katie has been released and it’s filled with some headline-grabbing interviews including Raffaele Sollecito, Amanda Knox’s former boyfriend, who talks for the first time to American audiences, and the incredibly private E.L. James, author of the literary sensation of the year 50 Shades of Grey.

katie couric guest listMONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 – Jessica Simpson, Sheryl Crow
Katie will be joined by Jessica Simpson, who’ll talk about how she’s juggling motherhood, the challenge of losing her pregnancy weight, and her billion-dollar business empire in her first television interview since having her daughter in May. Then, a visit from Sheryl Crow, a friend of Katie’s who co-wrote and performed the show’s theme song, plus some familiar TV faces and plenty of surprises.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 – Aimee Copeland (flesh-eating bacteria survivor)
Katie has an exclusive interview with Aimee Copeland, the 24-year-old Georgia graduate student who gained national attention this summer when she lost parts of all her limbs to a rare flesh-eating bacteria. Aimee will share her story of survival, and walk – for the first time – on Katie’s stage. Plus: You Only Live Once, Katie’s “YOLO” franchise kicks off as she takes a lap around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with racecar driver Danica Patrick.

Supermodel, super mogul and super mom, Heidi Klum, joins Katie in her first national television interview following news of her pending divorce from Seal. The 39-year-old executive producer and “Project Runway” host speaks candidly about her break up with her husband of seven years, reveals her current relationship status and talks about how her four children are coping during this difficult transition.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13  – Brene Brown, Jenny Lawson
As Katie embarks on a new adventure in her own life, she introduces viewers to two women whose personal stories inspired her. First, Katie’s conversation with Brene Brown, a research professor and motivational speaker whose new book, Daring Greatly, poses the question: can daring to make yourself vulnerable change your life, and be the ultimate key to happiness? And then, Jenny Lawson, author of the widely read blog, “The Bloggess,” whose decision to open up about her personal struggles on her widely read blog inspired the “Red Dress” phenomenon.

 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 – Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez, one of the world’s most accomplished entertainers and business people, whose multi-platform success spans the industries of fashion, fragrance, music, and film. She visits Katie to talk about life after American Idol, co-parenting her twins with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, and the remarkable career reincarnation that has made the past year one of her best yet.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 – E.L. James (50 Shades of Grey author)
Author E L James, in her first extended television conversation since the “50 Shades of Grey” trilogy passed the 25 million copies sold milestone. Katie talks with James about the phenomenon of her books, how she self-published the literary sensation of the year, and what this cultural phenomenon says about our society.

 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 – Raffaele Sollecito (Amanda Knox’s former boyfriend)
Raffaele Sollecito, who was Amanda Knox’s boyfriend, talks for the first time on American television about the murder case that made international headlines. He will discuss with Katie his life after his ordeal in an Italian prison and share details about his reunion with Amanda.


  1. I will be watching on Monday. The only thing better than E L James is Richie Sambora. There is a suggestion. Katie, you should get Richie Sambora to be a guest on your new show. He has been in the band Bon Jovi since the 1980’s. He has a solo CD coming out this week also. His CD is “Aftermath Of The Lowdown”

  2. I would love to watch it monday but I will probably be at work I love E L James her books are amazing she is such a great writer.

  3. I hope Katie Couric researches the Meredith Kercher case and is aware the Raffael Sollecito still faces a tough appeal in March 2013. TJMK is a site that offers information not be known to the general North American public. If those tough questions are not asked the interview will be disappointing.

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