‘Cheer’ follows competitive cheerleading at Central Jersey Allstars

Look out Sue Sylvester (Glee), CMT’s new reality series Cheer shines the spotlight on competitive cheerleading at New Jersey’s Central Jersey Allstars (CJA) where director/co-owner Patty Ann Romero puts a new meaning to “cheerleading is my life.” Cheer debuts on CMT Friday, Sept. 7 at 11pm ET/10pm CT following the two-hour premiere of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team at 9pm. The hour-long Cheer series will then move to its regular timeslot of 10pm ET/9pm CT the following week.

Cameras follow the staff and students at CJA, as they train a senior team of 20 girls for the World Cheerleading Championship in Orlando. The series painfully details the level of athleticism and discipline required to compete in this sport, as well as, all the drama that comes along with it. Romero’s passion for the sport and drive to win is evident in her coaching style, which is more truly more brazen than bully-like. While she claims she has a “warm and fuzzy” side, she’s also got a mean and scary side too, which reality fans will appreciate.

“Failure is not an option,” Romero tells. “Everyone is replaceable.”

Romero doesn’t leave any area for misinterpretation; if a girl isn’t going to pull her weight she’s going to get replaced and she makes that known. So if a flyer (those are the lucky gals who are catapulted through the air for different stunts) bobbles on a lift, the team is going to get a deduction and Romero’s going to make sure they know about it.

The series is a passion project from executive producers Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of CMT


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  1. One of the best coaching styles I have seen in Cheerleading and can be used in any business or corporation ! Well done !

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