Discovery wages “Texas Car Wars” tonight

Austin, Texas — it’s the capital of the Lone Star State and one of its most thriving communities. And it’s getting a fuel-injected boost tonight with the launch of Discovery Channel‘s new series Texas Car WarsTexas Car Wars takes viewers inside the high-stakes world of auto flipping, in which various auto body shops bid on yesteryear’s jalopies in order to restore them to their former glory — and sell them for big bucks.

But as anyone who’s been watching the various other auction shows that are out there knows, it’s a business that carries significant risk. Before the start of each of these car auctions, prospective bidders get only 10 minutes to do the most basic inspection of whatever car is on the block, and they’re not even allowed to attempt to start it. Texas Car Wars gets into the action with four teams from Texas auto shops known for their guts in the face of the auction hammer. And each team has a very different approach to auto flipping. Tonight, you’ll meet:

– Husband-and-wife team Beep and Holley of Barrett Auto Care — these two quickly belie the impression they give as being a quaint little mom ’n’ pop team, rapidly outbidding the competition if they know it’s worth it.

– Josh, who may not have a fancy garage and runs his Rodriguez Rod & Cycle in his backyard, but who somehow always manages to strike the right price with his daring revamps.

– Ken, Sarah, Mike and Marty of Atomic Garage are the rookies in this whole bunch, but their larger-than-life personalities and confidence may give them the swagger to come out on top.

– Frank, Dennis and Big Block, the heavyweights in this game, have both the nerve and the cash to get the best bids that yield the highest returns.

Will any of these buyers find that elusive diamond in the rough? Or will they go bust from the start? But most of all, how cool will it be to see the rebuilds these folks do of some of the coolest cars ever to come off an assembly line?

Texas Car Wars debuts on Discovery Channel tonight, Sept. 6, at 10pm ET/PT.


Photo: Discovery Channel


  1. I don’t even think these garages even exist. If they do they were just set up for the show. Also I think the narrator is the same guy that does swamp people without as much accent

  2. These shows are so dumb,someone should make a show that shows what is really like rebuilding an old car. 2500 to rebuild a 55 ford, come on.

  3. The premise is good. I found the show somewhat interesting. But, the narrator just drives me nuts with that fake accent. I’m from the great state of Texas and do not know anyone who talks like that.

  4. I just watched the episode where they bought a 2002 Nissan Xterra. They bought it at a junkyard and the thing started up and drove. Now I dont know about you but if a 2002 car runs and drives and isnt wrecked it will not end up in a junkyard. Especially if it a Nissan or Toyota

  5. Sorry folks this show is as fake as they come. I am a salvage dealer here in Central Texas and the auctions they show dont exist. I contacted the salvage yard they had the auction at and they said “Its a show sir, we dont have auctions here”

    • True, there would be other bidders if it was a real auction like on storage wars. I know the auctioneer from dealer auctions here in dallas, tx. this show does seem cheesy though. and all these guys look like amateurs.

  6. Jeez this is awful. I live in Austin and I want to go bitch slap every one of these clowns for embarrasing my great hometown. Is there anyone that can make a good car based show?

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