Theresa Caputo talks Season 3 of “Long Island Medium”

Season 3 of Long Island Medium finds Theresa Caputo visiting a local frozen yogurt store.Theresa Caputo, the famed medium who is the center of the successfully moving and always-shocking series Long Island Medium, returns for a third season on TLC beginning Sunday, Sept. 9 at 9pm ET/PT. Since the series debuted just over a year ago Caputo has become a household name making regular appearances on late night talk shows and recently being featured in Priceline’s latest TV spots. Caputo’s shock-and-awe approach — although not always deliberate —  to connecting spirits with their loved ones (be it grocery stores, bowling alleys, restaurants, wherever — whether you want to connect or not) has stretched her waiting list to well over two years and has prompted numerous opportunities for Caputo.

But the show is more than just helping people find peace and deal with loss, it’s also a quirky look into an endearing, often loud and outspoken Jersey family. This season includes a number of emotional family events including Theresa’s son, Larry Jr. Caputo, graduating from college and her daughter Victoria Caputo leaving for college. The new season also features more emotional readings  including a woman’s healing process after her daughter’s tragic death and a woman’s deceased husband who delivers a message she’s been longing for.

Here’s what Theresa had to share about the new season:

Congratulations on a third season. I know you’ve received such an overwhelming amount of response from your fans and your waiting list is absolutely insane. Seeing so many people’s posts – where they are begging for your help and knowing you can’t possibly reach them all – how do you handle this emotionally? How do you turn them away?
Theresa Caputo: Thank you I can’t believe we are in season 3! Crazy!! It is very hard and emotional for me because I truly would love to help them all but I am only one person. I have been handling it the way I always have with my business and that is, I try to give something positive to them to hold onto until their appointment now to reach all that are waiting. I try and post something positive on my fan page to give them hope and some kind of peace and help for them to see and embrace the signs and symbols from their loved ones.

Now that you are a household name – can you still do the personal readings/film the show from your home? How are your neighbors handling all the hoopla around you and the show (I don’t think we’ve seen them)?
I really don’t think I am a household name but…..YES I am still reading my clients and film a show from my home. My neighbors are AWESOME! Everyone just goes about their everyday and my crew is just so amazing that you don’t really even know they are there.

Tell us about your oddest fan encounter to date? (not a spirit, but a living person)
Well, the oddest fan encounter would be… well, I don’t consider it odd it’s just weird. That I can be out and about and all of a sudden you hear people yelling or screaming, “OMG there she is!!” I start looking around like, “Who? What? Where?” And they’re talking about me! Craziness… I have the most amazing clients and fans they are incredible

How did you do with Victoria Caputo (her daughter) leaving for college? AND, how is Larry handling it?
We all did pretty good with Victoria leaving for college, of course we cried!!! But she is so happy and her roommate and family are great!!! Larry took it, and still is taking, it the hardest…that’s his little girl!

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  1. Theresa,
    I am so hooked on your show. I truly believe you can tell people what they need to hear for healing purposes. You truly have been gifted. Do you have home readings. I live in Morris County (Parsippany).

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