FX orders 90 more episodes of Charlie Sheen hit “Anger Management”

Martin Sheen drops by to visit his son Charlie Sheen in an episode of FX's "Anger Management."

In what might be one of the more optimistic moves ever by a network, FX is banking that Charlie Sheen will behave himself long enough to produce 90 more episodes of his new hit sitcom Anger Management. The massive pickup is part of the original deal that stipulated if the series — which stars Sheen as an anger-management counselor still struggling with the issue himself — kept its ratings at a certain level over eight of the first 10 episodes, then 90 more would follow.

Anger Management, which debuted in June, is the highest-rated new comedy series on cable this year, averaging 4.53 million total viewers, and 2.5 million in the coveted adults 18-49 demographic.

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The first season could rightfully be written off as a curiosity, with viewers anxious to see if the Sheen that showed up on FX would be the one who didn’t just burn bridges but incinerated them as he left Two and a Half Men — embarking on a rampage of public self-destruction that will forever define him — or if he had truly gotten his act together. Will people care when Season 2 rolls around? Will Sheen be back on tiger’s blood? And, more importantly, where’s Emilio Estevez in all this?

Photo: Credit: Greg Gayne/FX Network