“Paterno” author Joe Posnanski interviewed on “Costas Tonight”

Paterno author Joe Posnanski talks with Bob Costas on NBC Sports Network’s Costas Tonight on Wednesday, Aug. 29, at 9pm ET. Posnanski had access to former Penn State football head coach Joe Paterno for months before the child sex abuse scandal broke.

Costas Tonight will also feature Costas’ Nov. 14, 2011, interview with Jerry Sandusky which aired on NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams (excerpt below). The interview will air in its entirety, including never-before-seen footage.

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  1. In regards to Bob Costas questioning whether someone knew what “sodomy” meant. Honestly, based on his straight forward approach to the term it’s my belief that he himself may not understand the words complete definition…

    As defined by “American Heritage”…

    “Sexual intercourse that is not the union of the genital organs of a man and a woman. The term is most frequently applied to anal intercourse between two men or to sexual relations between people and animals.”

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